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Student Checklist

Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment

 Pre-Enrollment  Post-Enrollment  End of Course

Please use the following checklists as a guide to guarantee all appropriate actions have been taken in order to register for and receive University credit. Application and enrollment to the MSSU Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment program occurs online through the system. High School Students: Work with the person at your high school who is responsible for coordinating dual credit courses (dual credit coordinator or counselor). The dual credit coordinator works directly with the MSSU Office of Academic Outreach to coordinate applications and enrollments. Home School Students: Work directly with the Office of Academic Outreach to coordinate applications and enrollments.

Student Checklist:  PRE-ENROLLMENT

  • Tell the instructor and/or the dual credit coordinator you are interested in taking courses for dual credit.  Home school students may contact the Office of Academic Outreach directly.
  • Check the transferability of the course(s) you are interested in to make sure it will transfer to the University you plan to attend after high school.  MSSU's Registrar does maintain a list of universities and colleges that we have transferred credits to/from and how those credits transfer.  Ultimately, it is up to the student to contact the receiving university/college to determine how the credit will transfer.  
  • Go to
    • Follow the prompts to create a personalized login.  Be sure to provide an email address and phone number so that we can confirm your account.  Save your login and password for future use.
    • Complete the online application (new students only).  Double check the application form to ensure the accuracy of all of the information you have provided.  You will need to have your Social Security Number to complete the online application.
    • Consider completion of the FERPA waiver form.  Once you enroll in a course at MSSU, we do not have an automatic right to disclose any information related to your educational records to parents/guardians.  We also do not have a right to disclose information about tuition payments to officials/teachers at your school.  The completion of the FERPA waiver form will enable you, MSSU, your high school, and your parents an opportunity to cooperate in a more seamless manner.  The Authorization to Release Form (FERPA waiver) can be done as a part of the DualEnroll/MSSU application process.  If you do not fill it out online, the form is available on this website under Forms/Informational Handouts and a completed copy can be faxed/e-mailed to the Dual Credit office.  
    • Choose your courses.  On the course selection screen, use the navigation tools to see the course options that are available through your high school or through dual enrollment options.  Pay careful attention to the course times, instructor names, course locations (see delivery icons), etc. to make sure you are selecting the appropriate course(s).
    • Confirm your enrollment.  Steps you need to complete and the status of your application will be highlighted in yellow and show upon the right side of the screen.  You will be notified by email or text message throughout the process and again when your enrollment has been confirmed.  Once enrollment is confirmed, a payment step will be available to complete and will be highlighted in yellow.  Should you receive an email regarding enrollment failure, please contact the Office of Academic Outreach to resolve the issue.
      • Requires parent/legal guardian signature - this can be completed through the system, and you can send an email directly to your parent/legal guardian at the time of enrollment.  PLEASE PROVIDE A PARENT EMAIL FOR PARENT APPROVAL.
      • Parents are required to approve courses once per semester.
    • When you confirm your enrollment, your high school counselor will automatically be notified to review your application materials.
  • For a list of course offerings and course enrollment numbers (CRN’s) for your high school ask your dual credit counselor/coordinator or check the most recent Schedule of Classes document found on the Courses Link in the General Information section of our website.  
  • The high school counselor/coordinator or home school proctor will complete the following items through the system:
    • Upload a copy of the MOST RECENT high school transcript* (for GPA verification)
    • Upload a copy of test scores (if a test score is required for desired coursework)
    • Approve or deny student enrollments.
  • After the high school counselor/coordinator or home school proctor completes and approves you for courses through, MSSU will automatically be notified of your request for enrollment.  If eligibility requirements are met, MSSU will enroll you in your course(s), and you will receive a confirmation email of your course enrollment.  In a mailing from the University, you will receive your Student Identification Number (SID). Students must call the MSSU Help Desk for the PIN (password) and help with getting an email account set up. 417-659-4444.

*Home school students must provide a notarized copy of the high school transcript.

Student Checklist: POST-ENROLLMENT

  • Once you receive your SID and PIN, you may log in to LioNet to access all MSSU related information. Please refer to the Access to Information handout and the LioNet User’s Guide for more information about what you can do with LioNet. MSSU recommends checking to make sure your schedule in LioNet shows you are enrolled in the dual credit course(s) for which you signed up. The timing of when a course and its costs will show up in LioNet will vary from student to student because of the variation in high school enrollment dates and because of the large amount of students being processed during the same few weeks.
  • T-shirts and Lion Cards will be delivered to your school (or mailed directly to you) as promptly as possible. Refer to the student benefits/resources page on the dual credit website for more information about your other student benefits.
  • Use the MSSU Dual Credit website for access to all forms and information related to your experience as a dual credit student. Familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures that affect you as a dual credit/dual enrollment student.
  • Pay for your course by the appropriate deadline. You may pay your tuition through at any time.  Textbooks may be paid for at any time through your LioNet account or by contacting the Bursar's Office.  For more detailed information about due dates and payments, refer to the Dual Credit Calendars and Payment Information documents on the Calendars link in the General Information section of our website.
  • Check your student email account and LioNet frequently to remain up to date on things related to MSSU. These are the main modes of communication through which MSSU will send you important information. Check out the technical guides for instructions on how to have your MSSU email re-routed to the email of your choice.  Remember to contact the MSSU Help Desk if you need help: 417-659-4444.
  • If and when you are on-campus, identify yourself as an MSSU Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Student and bring your Lion Card.
  • Take advantage of your student benefits!!!

Student Checklist: END OF COURSE

  • Grades will be posted at the end of the course on LioNet. You will want to ensure your grades have been posted prior to making any transcript requests.  For more information about how to request an official transcript, please visit the Registrar's webpage.
  • Work with your instructor and/or the dual credit coordinator to coordinate the return of your textbooks.
  • Complete any required surveys and/or evaluations related to your experience.