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Expand Your Mind, Grow Your Skill-Set

We believe education is a lifelong process—that's why we offer Continuing Education courses to enrich your life personally, professionally and intellectually.

Our Continuing Education courses are designed to steep you in our campus culture, providing you with the support of a Pride. Our community is an exceptional place to learn and grow, and you'll find yourself quickly immersed in discovery, intellectual achievement and personal enrichment.

Our programs are focused on helping you learn what you love.

We encourage our students to try courses outside their focus area or field of study if they find the subject matter compelling—exposure to a new academic world may just be the beginning of a new passion, and Continuing Education is all about refining your skills and gathering knowledge.

For those of you with clearly-defined career goals, we offer Professional Education Programs which will allow you to enhance your professional skills through workshops, seminars, short courses, conferences and programs. These offerings are designed with your success in mind—you'll leave them highly marketable and prepared for career advancement.

Our Continuing Education programs are here as a tool to help you. We're committed to your success, and we're willing to invest time in your future—so if you're interested in continuing your education, exploring a new passion, or developing professional skills, you can do it here with your Pride.


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