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Parent Checklist

 Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment

Pre-Enrollment * Post-Enrollment * End of Course

Please use the following checklists as a guide to guarantee all appropriate actions have been taken in order for your student to register for and receive University credit. Application and enrollment to the MSSU Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment program occurs online through the system. High School Parents: Work with the person at your high school who is responsible for coordinating dual credit courses (dual credit coordinator or counselor). The dual credit coordinator works directly with the MSSU Office of Academic Outreach to coordinate applications and enrollments. Home School Parents: Work directly with the Office of Academic Outreach to coordinate applications and enrollments.


  • Talk to MSSU, your high school, and your student about the advantages of completing dual credit during high school. Encourage your student to inform the high school dual credit coordinator of any interest in the program.  MSSU's Registrar does maintain a list of universities and colleges that we have transferred credits to/from and how those credits transfer.  Ultimately, it is up to the student to contact the receiving university/college to determine how that credit will transfer.  
  • Help your student check with the Registrar’s Office of the University they plan to attend after high school to check the transferability of the course(s) they are interested in taking.
  • Help your student complete the Student Checklist.
  • Sign all applicable documents necessary for the application and enrollment process.  Your signature is required electronically through the system, and is required once per semester.  If you do not receive an email requesting your electronic signature, talk to your student about the email address he/she provided when creating his/her account.  Paper permission forms will be made available if requested.
  • Discuss the advantages of signing any FERPA waiver documents with your student and complete the forms if applicable. (Upon enrollment MSSU will only communicate with the student regarding their educational records and billing information unless these waivers are signed by the student.)
  • Authorization to Release Form (Educational Records)


  • Encourage student responsibility whenever possible. This endeavor is intended to prepare your student for the academic rigor required at the University level.
  • Use the MSSU Dual Credit website for access to all forms and information related to your experience as a dual credit parent. Familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures that affect you as a dual credit parent.
  • If you are providing payment for the course, please provide payment by the appropriate deadline. You may pay your student's tuition  and textbook costs  through your student's payment portal , or by contacting the Bursar's Office . For more detailed information about due dates and payments, refer to the Dual Credit Calendars .
  • Help your student plan for any potential scheduling conflicts well in advance.
  • Encourage your student to take advantage of student benefits!


  • Grades will be posted at the end of the course on LioNet. You will want to ensure grades have been posted to LioNet prior to making any transcript requests. For more information about how to request an official transcript, please visit our Registrar's webpage.
  • Remind your student to work with the instructor and/or the dual credit coordinator to coordinate the return of the textbooks.
  • Complete any required surveys and/or evaluations related to your experience.