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On the Move

A formal launch for a new concurrent enrollment initiative will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 8, on the first floor of Nixon Hall at Missouri Southern State University.

The “On the Move” initiative allows high-school students who receive free or reduced lunch to have up to 6 credit hours of concurrent enrollment tuition per semester waived at Missouri Southern. It is open to any high-school student eligible to take concurrent enrollment classes, regardless of which state they live in.

Brett Meeker, director of the concurrent enrollment program at Missouri Southern, believes that “On the Move” will create new opportunities for students to gain an early, successful start to higher education.

“The regular tuition cost for concurrent enrollment is $50 per credit hour,” said Meeker. “While this is among the lowest concurrent enrollment tuition in the state, not all students are able to meet this minimal threshold. With the launch of ‘On the Move,’ our goal is to create an equitable opportunity for all students, regardless of income background.”

The event will include more background and information about “On the Move,” as well as perspective from educators and students who will benefit from this new initiative.

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