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Drops & Withdrawals

Course Drop and Withdrawal Information

Course Drops

A course drop removes a course from the student schedule without financial and academic record implications.  The Course Drop/Withdrawal Form must be used to drop a course.

Please Note: The links listed here for Course Drop/Withdrawal Form will take you to the Dual Credit form. If you are not a dual credit student, enrolled in dual credit classes, do not use this form. Students enrolled in college courses that wish to drop or withdraw from a class will need to contact the Registrar's Office at 417-625-9389 for information.

Dual Enrollment Drops - Dual enrollment students may drop a course through the first Friday of classes (using the MSSU semester calendar).

Course Withdrawals

A course withdrawal removes a course from the student schedule, with a grade of "W" showing on the official transcript.  The withdrawal period begins upon the completion of the allowed drop period.  The Course Drop/Withdrawal Form must be used to withdraw from a course.  The student and counselor must notify the Academic Outreach office  via e-mail or fax with the completed form.

Dual Credit & Dual Enrollment Withdrawals-  The last day to withdraw for all MSSU students is designated on the MSSU semester calendar.  Check the MSSU Calendar or the Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Calendar page for specific dates.