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Course Prerequisites

Course Placement Exam Information

Dual credit and dual enrollment students must meet the same individual course requirements as on-campus MSSU students.

The following chart illustrates individual course requirements for the most commonly taken courses being offered in the dual credit/dual enrollment programs.

Students must achieve these scores prior to enrolling in the respective courses. Contact the Director of Academic Outreach 417-625-9785 for individual department placement exam needs.  

Key Placement Exam Info/Pre-Requisites
for Entry Level Courses

Mathematical Sciences

Class Title

MSSU Requirement

MATH 125, Contemporary Mathematics (MOTR MATH 125)

ACT Math score of ≥ 19


Successful completion of the mathematics placement system

MATH 130, College Algebra (MOTR MATH 130)

MATH 135, Trigonometry

ACT Math score of ≥ 22


Successful completion of the mathematics placement system

MATH 150, Calculus I 

ACT Math score ≥ 27


Math 130 and Math 135 with a grade of C or higher in both


Math 140 with a grade of C or higher

Written Communication

Class Title

MSSU Requirement

ENG 101, College Composition I (MOTR 100)


ACT English score ≥ 18


**Accuplacer ≥ 237 on Next Generation Writing placement exam


Demonstrated ability on a writing placement exam


ENG 102, College Composition II (MOTR ENG 200)

ENG 101

Natural Sciences

Class Title

MSSU Requirement

BIO 108, Principles of Biology (Required for all Biology Majors) (MOTR BIOL 150)

ACT composite score ≥ 21 OR BIO 101, General Biology with a grade of 'C' or better

High school chemistry is strongly recommended

Co-requisite: BIO 109 Principles of Biology Lab (MOTR 150L)

CHEM 121, Chemistry for Allied Health Sciences (MOTR CHEM 100)

ACT Math score ≥ 22 or MATH 30 with a grade of ‘OR Higher Level

Co-requisite: CHEM 122, Chem for Allied Health Sciences Lab (MOTR CHEM 100L)

CHEM 140, General Chemistry I (MOTR 150)

 'C' or better in MATH 130 or higher level math course

Co-requisite: CHEM 141, General Chemistry I Lab (MOTR 150L)

GEOG 120, Physical Geography (MOTR GEOG 100)

ACT Math ≥ 19 or MATH 020 with a grade of 'C' or better OR Higher level math

GEOL 120, Introduction to Geology (MOTR GEOL 100)

GEOL 185, Introduction to Meteorology

PHYS 130, Descriptive Astronomy (MOTR ASTR 100)

Pre-requisite: MATH 020 with a grade of 'C' or better or Higher level math

PHYS 120, Fundamentals of Physical Science (3) (MOTR 110)

PHYS 121, Fundamentals of Physical Science w/ Lab (4) (MOTR 110L) 

Pre-requisite: MATH 020 or higher with a grade of 'C' or better OR Higher level math 

PHYS 160, Elementary College Physics w/ Lab (MOTR PHYS 150L)

Pre-requisite: MATH 140 or higher level math course. 

Civic Engagement

Class Title

MSSU Requirement

HIST 110, US History 1492 – 1877 (MOTR HIST 101)

HIST 120, US History 1877 - Present (MOTR HIST 102)

ACT Reading score ≥ 17


15 hours completed with a GPA of 2.5 or higher


**Accuplacer ≥ 250 on the Next Generation Reading placement exam


 *The prerequisite chart above illustrates requirements for frequently taken dual credit courses and is not an all-inclusive list. Refer to the most up to date version of the course catalog or the respective departmental website for all course prerequisites.

**COMPASS is no longer available. MSSU uses Accuplacer for writing and reading placement. Cost is $15. Contact Testing Services at 417-625-9595 to schedule an exam.

Contact the English Department for information about the writing placement exam: (417) 625-9377.

Contact the Math Department for information about the math placement exam: (417) 625-9376