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Honors Program

What Does It Mean To Be An Honors Student?

In the MSSU Honors Program, we want you to make the most of your college experience.  But, we also want you to wonder, "What is a college experience?"

The Honors Program at Missouri Southern State University is a specially-designed academic path exclusively for high-achieving students that provides specific challenges and opportunities.  The most important benefit that the students in our Honors Program enjoy is being a part of a wonderful group of peers who share similar educational values.  Honors students have the advantage of a distinguished learning environment, enhanced resources, a strong community to support them, and special recognition designed to help them achieve academically and grow into well-rounded individuals.

Course Opportunities

Each semester, special sections of required courses are designated as Honors sections.  These classes are limited at 15 students to ensure students have more one-on-one time with their professors, emphasizing a discussion-oriented classroom.Honors courses don't simply "pile on" additional work. Instead, they require intensive critical and analytical thinking, writing, and speaking. Honors students have priority registration and are among the first to register for classes each semester.

Campus and Community

There are plenty of ways for Honors students to get involved with MSSU outside of the classroom.  Honors students have the opportunity to socialize with fellow students through community service projects and participation in campus activities such as homecoming or athletic events.  Honors students also enjoy monthly get-togethers involving movie nights, museum visits, and guest speakers via the Honors Lecture Series.

Study Abroad

Because international study is the special academic mission of MSSU,  Honors students should have a significant academic experience in a foreign country. All Honors students are required to complete an international study experience at some point during their tenure at Missouri Southern; they must sign up for a university-sponsored trip lasting a minimum of ten days, or they may choose to spend an entire semester abroad. The experience is designed to promote the intellectual development of the students through immersion into a culture other than their own. Honors students have traveled to such countries as Ireland, Morocco, Germany, Sweden, China, Italy, Belize, Spain, Turkey, England, France, and Australia.

The Evans Scholarship

The Evans Scholarship is $6,500 per academic year ($3,250 per semester). This is renewable for up to eight semesters if you continue to make acceptable academic progress.

special recognition at Commencement
The green Honors cords are recognized at commencement. Honors Program Graduates are noted as such on their official transcript and have a special seal affixed to their diploma.   Every Honors course which is completed with a final grade of an A or a B is identified as an Honors course on the transcript. Students who complete the Honors curriculum, maintain a minimum GPA of 3.3, and meet participation and coursework requirements become Honors Program Graduates.

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Dr. Michael Howarth
Honors Program Director