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Legacy Club

Welcome to the Giving Department

Who are we?

The Legacy Club honors individuals who have chosen to make a deferred or planned gift to the Missouri Southern Foundation.

The Missouri Southern Foundation has instituted the Legacy Club to recognize those donors who choose to inform us of their decision to make a deferred gift to the Foundation. Too often, we are notified of gifts at passing of a friend of the University, without having had an opportunity to express our gratitude and properly recognizing that donor while they were still alive. This club is designed to prevent those bittersweet moments.

The types of deferred gifts which qualify a donor for membership in the club are numerous. Deferred Gifts are made through means including, but not limited to:

Legacy Club contributors

Dr. and Mrs. Brian Babbit
Ms. Patricia Beaty Edmondson
* Mr. Curt and Dr. Elizabeth Betebenner                                 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Beydler
Mrs. Enid Blevins
Dr. Beverly Block
Mr. and Mrs. George Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Brown
Ms. Lois Buzzard
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Cable
* Mr. William Robert Corley
* Dr. and Mrs. John Cragin
* Dr. Donald Crockett
Ms. Mildred Eggerman
* Mr. Lauren A. Erwin
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. John Good
* Mr. and Mrs. Ray Grace
Mrs. Mary Helen Harutun
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hickey
* Mr. and Mrs. David Hokanson
Mr. James and Dr. Delores Honey
Mrs. Mildred Hunt


Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Kelly
* Mr. Charles Krokroskia
* Mr. and Mrs. Don LaFerla
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lamb
* Ms. Mary Jane Landreth
Mr. Barry R. Langford                                                               
* Dr. and Mrs. Julio León
* Mrs. Mazie Lewis
Mr. Steve Mackie
* Mr. and Mrs. Allen McReynolds, Sr.
* Dr. and Mrs. Henry (Bud) Morgan
Ms. Catherine Mozingo
Mr. Joel Newby
* Mr. and Mrs. John O. (Pat) Phelps
* Mr. and Mrs. William C. Putnam, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Putnam
* Ms. Cynthia H. Schwab
* Mr. and Mrs. Russell G. Smith, II
Mr. Charles Strayer
* Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Clark Swanson
Dr. and Mrs. John Tiede
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Warten
* Mrs. Lenora Wiley


*indicates Charter Members