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Consecutive Giving Society

Loyal Lions

To be a part of Loyal Lions, the Consecutive Year Givers Club at Missouri Southern, a donor will have made gifts to the Missouri Southern Foundation for at least three consecutive calendar years.

Missouri Southern is very pleased to recognize the following Loyal Lions for the 2023 calendar year.

Thank you for your continued support! 

Lou Ann Achey
Michael Adamczyk
Teresa Adams
David Adams
Keith and Alice Adams
Russ and Suzy Alcorn
Bill and Kimberly Allen
Jana Allison
Julie Allman
William and Nancy Anderson
Rod and Janice Anderson
Michelle Arwood
Mike and Mary Ashmore
Keith and Soraya Aubele
Glenda and David Austin
Sir Avington
Ross Babbitt
Ken Bado
Dean Bailey
Mark and Stacie Baker
John and Dianna Baker
Glen and Emilie Baker
Ronald and Christine Baker
Aaron and Diana Baker
Ron and Roberta Barnett
Roger and Lori Bartlett
Ryan and Donna Bates
Sallie Beard
Vincent and Karen Beckett
David and Donna Beckett
Jack Belden
Leona and Mike Belk
Brad and Belinda Belk
Chris and Melissa Belk
Randy and Nancy Bell
Brennan and Kari Benkert
Larry and Raedean Berner
Lance and Sharon Beshore
Elizabeth Betebenner
Bernard and Jewell Bettasso
Barbara and Douglas Bevins
Janice Beydler
Richard and Christine Beydler
Hallie Blackney
Albert and Porscha Bland
Beverly and Ken Block
O.D. and Beverly Blue
Mark and Elizabeth Bock
Barbara and Steven Bock
Dennis and Sue Boehne
Annette and Carl Boehning
Steve Bosworth
Scott and Darla Boudreaux
Tania and Kevin Bowman
Atiba and Jacquelyn Bradley
Greg and Spring Bradley
Gary Bradshaw
Greg and Candace Brasel
Michelle Brekken
Bill and Kathy Brewster
Scott and Kit Brothers
Deborah Brown
Donna Browne
Patricia Broyles
Jared Bruggeman
Janeil Bryan
Elisa Bryant
Karen Buchanan
April Bunch
Neely and Shally Lundien
Bill and Toni Burlingame
Jamie Burnham
Gay Burns
Jennifer Burr
Deron Burr
Jean Campbell
James Capeci
Susan and Arthur Carlsten
Mike and Leigh Carter
Jonathan Case
Steve and Sharon Chandler
Todd Chenault
Steve and Patty Chenault
Leon and Linda Chesnut
Chris and Debbie Christman
Virginia Ciborowski
Sharon Clark
Penny Clayton
Lane and Abby Clevenger
Jeannine Coles
Dean and Nancy Collins
Frank Compton
Danette and Shane Conley
Chelsea and Ryan Conley
Harold Conner
Bill Cook
Duane Cooper
Robert and Cindy Corn
Larry and Karen Cowger
Bonnie and Don Cox
Tom and Cindi Cox
Scott Cragin
Stephen and Stephanie Crane
Curt and Kristie Crossland
Andrea and Robert Cullers
Melissa Cupich
Flave and Casey Darnell
Doug and Karla Darnell
Bryce and Pamela Darnell
Rick and Mary Davidson
Perry and Kim Davis
Jim and Cheri Dawson
Anna and Brett Day
Laurie and Gene Delano
Will and Megan Bever
Julian and Linda Delzell
Jon Dermott
Phyllis DeTar
Marilyn and Fred Horst
Josh and Bethany Doak
Steven and Debbie Dodson
Doug and May Doll
Tim Doss
Megan and Chris Douglas
Chris Dumm
Alan and Robin Dunaway
Jeff and Nancy Dymott
Dora Eastin
Kent and C. B. Eastman
David and Christina Eddy
David and Martha Eden
Sam Ellis
John and Marylou Emrich
Julia Fahrig
Sonia Fanning
Rudy and Dorothy Farber
Stanley Farmer
Judi and Mike Fast
Tony and Jeanne Feather
Bill and Emily Larson
Bruce and Shelly Fisher
Jim and Diana Fleischaker
Cedric and Kellie Bowman
Fred Ford
Kevin and Kellie Forkner
Brenda Forrester
Janet and Geoffrey Fox
Geno and Tracy Fox
Mark and Jeannine Franks
Jim Frazier
Tim Fredrickson
Martha Freeman
Nathan Fridley
Anita Frieze
James and Leigh Frogge
Russ and Wendy Fugate
Barbara Fullerton
Darren and Denise Fullerton
Jason and Lysonda Gage
Marty Galbraith
Amy and Richard Gates
Ellis and Debbie Gaydou
Rona Gayman
Tina and Mike Giebel
Mike and Suzanne Gilpin
Ron and Diane Giltner
Bill and Tracy Gipson
Kreta and Roger Gladden
David and Stephanie Goad
Nancy Good
Chuck and Lori Good
Jim and Sue Goodknight
Holley Goodnight
Mike and Sheila Goodpaster
John and Jeri-Ann Goswick
Roger Green
Kevin and Sarah Greim
Conrad Griggs
Tucker and Whitney Hagedorn
Eugene Hagemeier
Skip and Kandi Hale
Carlos and Susan Haley
Louis and Linda Hallam
Rick and Allison Ham
Christina Hamilton
Ray and Cindy Harding
Elizabeth Hardy
Jim Hartje
Scott and Julie Hawkins
Lynn Hayworth
Bob and Judy Headlee
Sue Headley
Caley Hedman
Konrad and Barbara Heid
Marilyn and Steve Henderson
Gary Hendricks
David Hendrix
Terry Hess
Sally and Robert Heydt
Randy and Susan Hill
Ruth Ann Hodson
Brad and Sue Hodson
Andy and Magen Hogenmiller
Jeff Hollis
Doug and Kay Hollis
Sarah Holtzen
Delores and Jim Honey
Randy and Charlotte Hopper
Pam and Rick Stauffer
Betty Houser
Steve and Brenda Huff
Jeanette and Joan Hughes
Shawn and Suzanne Hull
Marc and Connie Hultine
Dale and Joetta Hutchings
Brian and Amy Ipsen
Galen Irwin
Jim and Brenda Jackson
Claude and Gloria Jardon
Tripper Jensen
Russell Jones
Richard Jordan
Steve and Sally Junkins
Jannette Kamen
Archie Kangethe
Dee Kassab
Bob and Candy Kelly
Steve and Christie Kelly
Jeff Kemm
Charles and Karen Kemp
Mark and Denise Kennedy
Richard and Theresa Kenney
Robert and Patricia Kiddoo
James Kimbrough
Patricia Kluthe
Mark and Martha Knight
Dane Kolkmeyer
Cherie Kuklentz
Bill Kumbier
Nicholas Kyle
Charles and Mary Kyser
Gingy Laas
Larry and Linda Lacey
Mike LaFerla
Don and Gloria LaFerla
Jerry and Betty Laflen
Sharon Lambert
Cathy Lankford
Ron and Carolyn Lankford
Bryan and Leslie Larson
Bob Lasswell
Doug and Cindy Lawson
Mike Lawson
Spencer Layne
Carolyn Leitle
Kile and Heather Lesmeister
John and Ronda Liebmann
James Lieurance
Rob and Karen Lieurance
John and Christy Lindsay
Pat Lipira
Val Littlefield
Ida Ruth Locarni
Melissa and David Locher
Andrea Logan
Henry and Rose Ludeke
Rob Lundien
Tim and Tanya Luther
James and Barbara Lyall
Lauri and Brad Lyerla
Barb Majzoub
Rob and Holly Mallory
Alan and Lori Marble
Christopher Marion
Cary and Veronica Marion
Bill Martz
Justin and Julie Maskus
Ray and Lana Mathis
Roderick May
Bart Mayer
Doug and Robin McCallister
Mike and Angie McClure
Susan and Jon McCoy
Jeffrey McCrary
Dan and Lorie McCreary
Larry and Donna McIntire
Ron and Sheila McReynolds
John and Nancy Messick
Vicky and Steve Mieseler
Michael and Leigh Miller
Timothy and Michelle Mitchell
Holly Mitchell
Ronald Mitchell
Nancy and Thomas Mitchell
Ron and Becky Mitchell
Grant Moore
Jay Moorman
Mariann and Joe Lyon
John and Renee Motazedi
Will Mountz
Rachel Nally
Terry Neff
Sara Newman
Joe and Rebecca Newman
Linda and John Lonergan
Charles Nodler
Gary and Joncee Nodler
Ricardo and Moe Nunez
Frank and Debra O'Brien
Kenneth and Gail Ochs
Dean and Martha Oglesby
Bob and Jo Oldt
Brad and Anita Oplotnik
Mike and Terry Osborne
Mike and Beth O'Shaughnessy
Lynn and Jim Otey
Rocky and Pam Overman
Jeanne and Donald Owen
Bart Paden
Pedro Pantoja
Ann and Mark Parker
Kevin and Jenny Parker
Sheila and Jerry Parsons
Dewayne and Anna Patton
Abe Paul
Todd and Nikki Pefferman
Dan Pekarek
Andrea Pence
Dustin and Melanie Perkins
Chuck and Karen Perkins
Jason Phelps
Judith and Gary Phillips
Jane Pickett Sharon
Carl Pierce
Elliott Pinkham
Chuck and Allison Pittman
Brenda Pitts-Davison
Sharon Plummer
Al and Cindy Potter
Dick and April Rasmussen
Nick and Cori Reid
Ronnie and Pamela Ressel
Saundra Rhodes
Patty Richard
Troy and Jenny Richards
Art Roberts
Henry Robertson
Colette Robertson
Wesley Rodgers
Ruth and Chris Roessler
Benji and Patty Rosenberg
Loretta Rosewicz
Nydia and Bill Rowe
Mark and Karen Sandridge
Herbert and Barbara Schade
Zach and Lacey Scheirer
Stephanee and Bryan Schiding
Amanda and Eric Schmelzer
Brian and Michelle Schmidt
Marty and Kim Schoenthaler
Cynthia Schwab
Grant and Ann Schwartz
Edward Scorse
Richard Scott
Cheryl and Steve Scott
Patrick and Julia Scott
Kevin and Lori Seward
Monicca and Noble Rajanayagam
Harvey and Ginny Shapiro
David Sharlow
Anne Sharp
Trula Shipman
Karen and Greg White
Teresa Shufflin
Dale and Leslie Simpson
Jacob and Rebecca Skouby
Phil and Tiffany Slinkard
Russell and Gail Smith
Dick and Debra Smith
Rich and Ava Snyder
Ryan and Amanda Stanley
Dan and Melanie Stanley
Chad and Laurel Stebbins
Michael and Kristine Steddum
Dan and Jeanette Stengel
Ethan and Kelsey Stenger
Judy and Gary Stiles
Deanna Storm
Troy and Kristin Stovern
Myra Straub
Doug and Diana Strubberg
Timothy and Lisa Sturgis
Lisa and Roger Sweet
Jason and Lily Talley
Cora Taylor
Jimmie and Martha Thomas
Eddie Thomas
Debbie Thompson
Tammy and Scott Trent
Carolyn Trout
Nick and Teyoni Tuck
Karen Tuggle
Nancy Underwood
Rick and Sue Utter
Dean and Mary Van Galen
Heather Van Otterloo
Sean and Deborah Vanslyke
Clyde and Cheryl VanWey
Patty Vavra
Butch and Sharon Vernon
Adam Vining
Max and Joann Vowels
Bryan and Leticia Vowels
Terry Wachter
Christina and Scott Wade
Steven and Angela Firkus
Bob Walker
Richard and Sue Walter
David and Laura Weaver
Aaron and Stacie Wells
Jonathan and Julie Wengert
John Wenninghoff
Jeff and Debbie Werneke
Mike Wheeler
Blaine and Amy White
Sherry and Phillip Whiteman
Joy and Bobby Williams
Mark and Stephanie Williams
Steve Williams
Linda Williams
Tony Williams
Tom Williams
Matthew Willis
Mike and Kelly Wilson
Kyle Wilson
Herb and Donna Winslow
Kenneth and Angie Wise
Phillip Wise
Betsy Wood
Michelle and Randall Wood
Ed and Susan Wuch
Kevin Young
3M Foundation
Alberta M. and Glen Clayton Trust
AmeriChicken, Inc.
Arvest Bank
Arvest Foundation
Baker Davis Roderique
Boyd Metals of Joplin, Inc.
Brad Reed Memorial Fund
Christopher Foundation
Clark Funeral Home
Club 609, Inc
Commerce Bank of Joplin
Construction Services Group/Marion Company, LLC
Crossland Construction Co Inc
Crowder Industries
D.J. Poynor Estate
Dorothea B. Hoover AAUW Foundation
Family Market of Neosho
Fidelity Abstract & Title Co
Fred & Mary Logistics
Fred and Rebekah Hughes Charitable Trust
Freeman Health System
H.E. Williams Inc
Helen S Boylan Foundation
Insurance Benefits Consultants, LLC
Joplin Elks Lodge No. 501
Joplin Golf Foundation
Joplin Professional Social Workers
Joplin Residence Inn
Joplin Sports Authority
Joplin Supply Co
Joplin Tomorrow
Joplin TriState Chapter 197, IMA
June M. Blalock Living Trust
Katherine L Hyde Charitable Trust
LaFerla-Wilson Orthodontics LLC
Leggett & Platt
Liberty Utilities-Empire District
Louis Holland Trust
Margaret and Clark Reid Trust
McCallister Body Shop Inc.
McMechan Trust
Mercy Hospital Joplin
Mid-Missouri Bank
Midwestern Interactive, LLC
Missouri Eagle, LLC
Neff & Day PC
Neosho Housing Authority
Neosho Trucking
New York Life Insurance Company
Newton County Title Company
Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.
Ozark Center
People's Bank Of Seneca
RE Smith Construction Co
Schmidt CPA's & Advisors
Shangri-La Resort, LLC
Shelter Insurance-Spencer Layne
Sims Law Office, LLC
South Joplin Christian Church
Southwest Missouri Bank
State Farm Companies Foundation
Steve's Frame & Body of Joplin
The Farber Foundation
The Law Firm of Christopher W. Dumm
The Paul Law Firm, P.C.
Tyler's Carpet of Neosho
Walter and Frederica Evans Trust
Wildcat Corner
Wolf Creek Farm
WR Corley Memorial Trust