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Board of Directors

The Foundation is governed by an external Board of Directors comprised of Missouri Southern graduates, donors, and community leaders. The full Board meets four times per year and has grown from 14 members in 2015 to almost 40 members today. Board members serve up to three three-year terms



  • Mr. Bryan Vowels


  • Mr. Deron Burr

      Vice President

  • Mrs. Vicky Mieseler


  • Dr. Brad Hodson

      Executive Director


Board Members

  • Mr. Gary Aggus
  • Mr. Russ Alcorn
  • Dr. Jana Allison
  • Dr. Beth Barlet
  • Mrs. Sallie Beard
  • Mrs. Beverly Block
  • Mr. Sean Briley
  • Mr. Scott Brothers
  • Mr. Larry Cowger
  • Mr. Richard Davidson Jr.
  • Mrs. Ashley Davis
  • Mr. Perry Davis
  • Mr. Daryl Deel
  • Mr. Sharrock Dermott
  • Mr. Christopher Dumm
  • Mr. Nick Edwards
  • Mr. Jeff England
  • Dr. Delores Honey
  • Mrs. Amy Ipsen
  • Mr. Steve Koelkebeck
  • Mrs. Karen Lieurance
  • Mr. Will Lynch
  • Mr. Cary Marion
  • Mr. Mike Moore
  • Mr. John Motazedi
  • Mr. Edwin Mwangi
  • Mr. Brian Schmidt
  • Ms. Anne Sharp
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons
  • Mr. Dick Smith
  • Ms. Emily Stanley
  • Mr. Dan Stengel
  • Mrs. Tammy Trent
  • Ms. Terry Wachter
  • Mrs. Dot Willcoxon



  • Dr. Dean Van Galen

       MSSU President

  • Mrs. Anita Oplotnik

       MSSU Board of Governors President

  • Mr. Kevin Greim

       MSSU Associate Vice President for University Development

  • Dr. Holley Goodnight

       MSSU Alumni Board President

  • Mr. Cedric Florence

       MSSU Lionbackers

  • Ms. Liz Ebert

       Missouri Southern Foundation Business Manager

  • Mrs. Stefanie Thomasma

       MSSU and Foundation Administrative Assistant