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Sangmyung University

University Information


Location: Seoul, Korea
Duration: Sem/Year
Language: English and Korean
Cost: MSSU tuition (12 or 15 hours) plus accommodations, meals, insurance, books, and other incidental expenses payable in Korea
Contact: Chad Stebbins

Sangmyung University has 9,000 undergraduate and 1,500 graduate students enrolled on the Seoul campus and 8,700 undergraduates on the Cheonan campus. Programs of study include history, geography, family welfare, public administration, economics and finance, international trade and business, life science, exercise and health science, computer science, digital media, fine arts, and music.

Courses in English are offered every semester; each department hosts some courses in English. A basic proficiency in Korean is helpful; we recommend that students enroll in either the free Korean language class (non-credit) for international students or regular Korean language and culture classes for credit.

The semesters start on Sept. 1 and March 2, with the ending dates differing somewhat depending on the holidays. Typically, the semesters end around Dec. 21 and June 22. Application deadlines are May 31 for the fall semester and Nov. 22 for the spring semester.

The following is the dormitory cost of Sangmyung University as of 2019. (Unit: KRW)

Room Type 1-bed 2-bed 3-bed 4-bed 5-bed 6-bed note
Boarding Fees 1,058,000 662,000 529,000 477,000 441,000 397,000 separate utility charges
Deposit 300,000 300,000 300,000 300,000 300,000 300,000
Sum 1,358,000 962,000 829,000 777,000 741,000 697,000 (electricity, water, gas, etc.)

It costs approximately $40 per month for electricity/water/gas/wireless Internet. When leaving the dormitory, Sangmyung will refund the remaining amount after deducting the charged utility charges from the deposit. Meals are not included (available in the student cafeteria, $3 to $4 a meal).

If MSSU students do not want a school dormitory, Sangmyung will recommend appropriate housing near the campus. Generally, housing costs $300 to $400 a month, with no meals included.

Students purchase their health insurance after arriving at Sangmyung University for approximately $102 (120,000 KRW).

Guidelines for International Student Exchange Program

Residential Housing Application Form

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For answers to specific questions about Sangmyung University, please contact Mr. Sunghyon Yoon, coordinator of the Office of International Affairs.