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Communication University of China

University Information


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Location: Beijing
Duration: Sem/Year
Language: Chinese
Cost: MSSU tuition (15 hours), pay CUC for room (1,500 RMB per month) and meals
Contact: Sherman Hou

Communication University of China (CUC), an affiliate of the State Ministry of Education, is one of the national-level major universities in China. Founded in 1954, the CUC consists of 14 schools: School of Television and Journalism, School of Foreign Studies, School of Advertising, School of Television and Film Art, School of Animation, School of Presentation Art, School of Information Engineering, School of Science, School of Computer, School of Media Management, School of Literature, School of Politics and Law, School of Chinese Teaching for Overseas Students, and Phoenix School of CUC. These schools include 37 departments and 71 majors. The CUC currently has an enrollment of 15,307 full-time students, including 9,264 undergraduates. The 115-acre campus is located in the eastern suburb of Beijing and stands near the Old Canal.

The CUC offers several courses taught in English, including Theories of Communication, International Communication, Media Literacy, Media in China, Chinese Language and Culture, Comparative Study between Chinese and Western Cultures, Introduction to Cross-Cultural Communication, Introduction to Communication Studies, New Media and Chinese Society, Questioning Mass Media, Media in Asia, Media Management, A Brief History of Chinese Media & Society, Chinese Film Seminar, Photojournalism, and Directing for TV Program.

May 10 is the application deadline for the Fall semester, which generally runs from Sept. 1 to Dec. 31. Nov. 15 is the application deadline for the Spring semester generally runs from Feb. 15 to June 30. For answers to specific questions about CUC, please contact Ms. Huang Xuan or

Application procedure: Ask the MSSU Institute of International Studies office to nominate you for an exchange. Students then log on to to fill out the application.

Accommodations: Students have four options: (1) International Center: double rooms with bathroom, TV, telephone, air conditioner (¥50/person/day). (2) Building 37 International Students' Dormitory: double rooms with TV, telephone, air conditioner, separate toilet and bathroom on each floor (¥40/person/day). (3) Off-campus lodging. (4) CUC dormitory on campus or near campus. For more information, please contact the International Students' Office at CUC in advance.

 University of China

 University of China