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Meiji University

University Information

Location: Tokyo
Duration: Sem/Year
Language: English and Japanese
Cost: MSSU tuition (12 hours); students pay for their housing at Meiji and prepare their own meals

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Application deadlines: All applicants for Fall 2020 are required to complete the online application by March 5. To complete the application, application materials must be sent via courier to Meiji by March 5 after the online application. Also, please submit the COE application as an Excel document using this online submission form: Printed material is not required to submit. No application is accepted after the deadline.

Application details:

Application guidelines:
Applicants who wish to study at schools offering academic classes in English:
The score of TOEFL, IELTS from September 2017 or later is valid for the application. Applicants are required to take the test before application. A copy of the official score must be prepared to upload to the online application.

Fact sheet (course list, syllabus, housing, academic calendar and Japanese language classes etc.):

Standard forms for the application:

Certificate of Health must be submitted as part of application materials and completed by a doctor.

Download the standard form of Certificate of Health:

COE application

Students must refer to the sample form below and follow the instructions when filling out this form.
Insufficient application form may cause the rejection or delay in obtaining the COE.

Sample form:

To apply for the COE, students must demonstrate the method of support to pay for the expenses while in Japan depending on the duration of study abroad at Meiji. At least 120,000 JPY must be available as monthly living expenses during study abroad at Meiji. As part of application materials, students are required to submit financial supporting documents.

Contact: Sherman Hou or Chad Stebbins


Of the 13,000 class sessions offered at Meiji University, 12,000 are conducted in Japanese. For this reason, those applying for admission to the exchange student program are generally required to have a certain level of Japanese-language proficiency. (However, for undergraduate students, there are English tracks for the school of Global Japanese Studies, the school of Business Administration, and the school of Political Science and Economics. Graduate students would select from the Graduate School of Governance Studies, the Graduate School of Business Administration, the Graduate School of Global Business, and the Graduate School of Global Governance for classes in English.) Applicants to schools which offer academic classes in Japanese and cannot submit a valid JLPT certificate are requested to take Meiji University Japanese Language Online Test. Meiji University will send the information about the test to exchange student program coordinator as soon as the online application is received. For the Fall 2020 semester, the Meji University Japanese Language online test will be administered from January 14 through February 27, 2020. Applicants to the English track are not required to take the online test.
Meji University
Please note that any of the following JLPT certificates are valid for application:
(1)N1: passed before
(2)N2, N3 or N4: passed in either 2018 or 2019

Meiji University arranges six dormitories for incoming exchange students. One of them is for female students only, and the others are for both female students and male students. Meiji University makes all decisions regarding dormitory and room assignments. The amounts range from 260,000 JPY for one semester to 860,000 JPY for one year. Those who wish to be assigned a Meiji dormitory must pay the whole rent for Fall 2020 before arrival. Exchange students who will study at Meiji for one year (Fall 2020 and Spring 2021) are required to pay the rent for Spring 2021 after arrival, but before the start of the Spring 2021 semester. More details will be announced around May 2020.

For answers to specific questions about Meiji University, please contact Taizo Hayashi and Yukiko Hase in the International Student Office at

Meiji University Campus