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University of Hradec Králové

University Information


Location: Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

Duration: Sem
Language: Numerous courses taught in English
Cost: MSSU tuition (12 or 15 hours) and MSSU room and board
Contact:  Chad Stebbins 

The University of Hradec Králové (7,000 students) is divided into a Philosophical Faculty, Faculty of Informatics and Management, Faculty of Education, and Faculty of Science. Exchange students will choose a “home” faculty and take 75% of their courses in this faculty. The 2022-2023 course catalog, listing the courses taught in English, can be found here. Students must enroll in a minimum of 24 ECTS credits (12 U.S. semester hours). It is strongly suggested that everyone take a Czech Language for Foreigners course.

More detailed information about studying at the Philosophical Faculty can be found here.

Before the Winter Semester (Sept. 23 to Dec. 21), there is a highly recommended summer school orientation program from August 15 to September 18. The cost is approximately $350. The Summer Semester runs from Feb. 11 to May 10. Final examinations, which can last up to six weeks, come at the end of each semester. The University of Hradec Králové also uses a “buddy” system to assist exchange students, which might include picking them up at the airport in Prague.

Hradec Králové is located 90 minutes from Prague and three hours from Vienna, by bus or train. Skiing is a very popular activity.

Exchange students are housed at the university dormitory Palachova and take a short bus ride to the university. There is no meal plan, but MSSU students are provided with approximately 200 CZK per day (weekends included) to eat in cafeterias or snack bars around the campus.

Application deadline is August 15 (Philosophical Faculty) and November 15 (Informatics and Management Faculty) for the Summer (Spring) Semester, and February 28 (Philosophical Faculty) and May 15 (Informatics and Management Faculty) for the Winter (Fall) Semester. For answers to specific questions about the Philosophical Faculty, please contact Martina Eliasova at or Tomáš Herčík at answers to specific questions about the Faculty of Informatics and Management, please contact Eva Pospíchalová at For answers to specific questions about the Faculty of Education, please contact Petra Noskova at

For more information about the university, please watch these YouTube videos:

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