Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment

Course Placement Score
Requirements and Pre-Requisites

Dual credit and dual enrollment students must meet the same individual course requirements as on-campus MSSU students.

The following chart illustrates individual course requirements for the most commonly taken courses being offered in the dual credit/dual enrollment programs.

Students must achieve these scores prior to enrolling in the respective courses. Contact the Director of Academic Outreach 417-625-9785 for individual department placement exam needs. 

Key Placement Exam Info/Pre-Requisites
for Entry Level Courses

Math Requirements

Class Title

MSSU Requirement

MATH 130, College Algebra

MATH 135, Trigonometry

ACT Math score of ≥ 22


Successful completion of the mathematics placement system

MATH 150, Calculus I

ACT Math score ≥ 27


Math 130 and Math 135 with a grade of C or higher in both


Math 140 with a grade of C or higher

English Requirements

Class Title

MSSU Requirement

ENG 101, College Composition I


ACT English score ≥ 18


COMPASS Writing Skills Test ≥ 74


Demonstrated ability on a writing placement exam

ENG 102, College Composition II

ENG 101

Physical Science Requirements

Class Title

MSSU Requirement

CHEM 120, Chemistry for Allied Health Sciences

ACT Math score ≥ 22

CHEM 151, General Chemistry I 

Prerequisite or co-requisite:

Completion of Math 140 or higher level math

PHYS 100, Fundamentals of Physical Science

MATH 030 with a grade of 'C' or better (ACT Math score ≥ 22)

History Requirements

Class Title

MSSU Requirement

HIST 110, US History 1492 – 1877

HIST 120, US History 1877 - Present

ACT Reading score ≥ 17


15 hours completed with a GPA of 2.5 or higher


COMPASS Reading Skills Test ≥ 77



 *The prerequisite chart above illustrates requirements for frequently taken dual credit courses and is not an all-inclusive list. Refer to the most up to date version of the course catalog or the respective departmental website for all course prerequisites.