Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment

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Apply & Enroll Online for Dual Credit & Dual Enrollment - FOR DUAL CREDIT/DUAL ENROLLMENT STUDENTS ONLY


Step-by-step guide for online application, approval, and enrollment

Please note:  Regardless of your student status (new or returning), all registrants need to create a DualEnroll.com account.  Only new students need to complete the application. 

New Students 

To apply to the Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Program for the first time you must complete the following steps: 

1. Go to https://mssu.dualenroll.com/login to create a personalized login. Be sure to provide your email address and cell phone number so that we can confirm your account. Save your login and password for future use.

2. Complete the application. Double check the application form to ensure the accuracy of all the information you have provided.  You will need your Social Security Number to complete the online application.

3. Choose your course(s). On the course selection screen, use the navigation tools to see the course options that are available through your high school or through dual enrollment options.  Pay careful attention to the course times, instructor names, course locations (see delivery icons), etc. to make sure you are selecting the appropriate course(s).

4. Confirm your registration. Steps that you need to complete and the status of your application will be highlighted in yellow. You will be notified by email or text message throughout the process and again when your registration has been confirmed.  Once registration is confirmed, a payment step will be available to complete and will be highlighted in yellow.  Should you receive an email regarding registration failure, please contact the Office of Academic Outreach to resolve the issue.

    • Requires parent/legal guardian signature - this can be completed through the DualEnroll.com system, and you can send an email directly to your parent/legal guardian at the time of registration.  PLEASE PROVIDE A PARENT EMAIL FOR PARENT APPROVAL.
    • Parents are required to approve each course individually.

5.  When you confirm your registration, your high school counselor will automatically be notified to review your application materials through the DualEnroll.com system.

Students who do not meet the requirements will not be eligible to participate in the program. 

Returning Students

To re-apply to the Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Program for subsequent terms you must login to your DualEnroll.com user account with the username and password you created when you first applied to the program, choose your course(s), and confirm your registration.  Returning students who have not previously used DualEnroll.com for enrollment will need to create an account.

Students who do not meet the requirements will not be eligible to participate in the program.