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Academic Bankruptcy

A student may petition the Academic Bankruptcy Committee to request one semester of academic work taken at MSSU be disregarded in computing the academic record. To be eligible for petitioning, a student must be in good standing and must document the unusual conditions which justify the petition. The petition is initiated in the Registrar's Office.

  •  Academic Bankruptcy can never be used as a means of obtaining academic honors or athletic eligibility.
  • Academic Bankruptcy will not remove grades from the student's permanent record. It merely allows one semester of recorded work to be eliminated in computing the student's scholastic average.
  • Academic Bankruptcy cannot be applied to transfer courses. Once a degree is earned, a student is no longer eligible for bankruptcy.

The Academic Bankruptcy form is available online. The completed form may be faxed to 417-625-3117 or mailed to the Registrar's Office.