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Social Work

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Help Change the World: Become a Social Worker!

Missouri Southern State University is offering a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work (BSW), beginning Fall 2015. The BSW degree has been approved by the Missouri Department of Higher Education, is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and is in Candidacy for Accreditation with the Council on Social Work Education. See Social Work brochure.

Why a Career in Social Work?

What Social Workers Do:  Professional social workers handle such responsibilities as counseling individuals and families, assisting the homeless in finding places to live, helping those without jobs find educational or training opportunities. They deal with a broad range of social issues that can include child welfare, poverty, aging, mental health, substance abuse, social policies and more.

Job Availability:  According the Missouri Department of Economic Development, Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, the increased demand for social workers in Missouri between 2010 and 2020 will range from 12.9 percent to 27 percent, depending on the area of employment. 

Prepare for Graduate School: Graduates with a BSW wanting to obtain a Master’s in Social Work (MSW) can potentially apply for Advanced Standing status which reduces the graduate credit hours required for completion of the degree.

Job Satisfaction:  Social work is a career that appeals to those who want to improve the world through caring, professional practice. They go home at the end of the day knowing they have helped people.  It is a “hands-on” profession.

How Do I Enroll?

Any interested student may enroll in the program as a social work applicant but for full admission to the program a student will need to have completed all their general education courses and an application to the social work department. 

Full admission to the degree program will require that a student have his or her entire general education coursework completed by the time work on the degree begins.

Typically, students will apply to the program the second semester of their sophomore year but it may occur later, depending on the student’s academic progression timeline. 

All students fully admitted to the program must have a minimum of a 2.75 in all coursework. Any MSSU student can enroll in SW 231 - Social Work: A Helping Profession; all other social work courses are restricted to students who have been admitted to the social work program.

Application Guidelines 

Application guidelines for full admission to the Bachelor Social Work Program will be available by December 1, 2017.  The following schedule shows the admission process deadlines.

December 1, 2017   Application Packet Available

February 1, 2018     Acceptance of Early Admission Application Begins

March 15, 2018       Final Date of Acceptance of Early Admission Applications

March 15, 2018       Acceptance of Late Admission Application Begins

April 1, 2018            Notification of Acceptance of Early Admission Applicants

1.  Application for Admission

2.  Reference Form

No guarantees of acceptance after June 1, 2018. Notification of the Acceptance of Late Admission Applicants will end when all student positions are filled. Late admission applicants will be contacted individually at the time of their acceptance into the program.

For more information contact:
Dr. Renee White, LCSW
Department Chair, Social Work