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Art History

About the Degree:

A minor in Art History helps you to better develop your critical thinking and problem solving skills. Every artist has functioned under unique sets of circumstances that affected his or her work. The earliest artists used basic compounds to develop cave drawings. Medieval artists often found themselves cut off from formal artistic movements but still managed to exercise creativity. During the Renaissance, artists expressed themselves but they often had to please powerful figures in society and in the church. Today's artists also work within the context of their time.  The history of art reflects the history of mankind.

What You’ll Learn:

  • More about the way  artists are influenced by the times in which they live. 
  • How to see the personal, political, sociological and religious context of artists and artistic movements. 
  • The ability to think critically, to analyze, to research, and to express concepts.

This Degree is Great for You if:

  • You want to complement another academic major with a better understanding of art and architecture.
  • You want to compare and contrast the highly visual world of today with the world of the past.
  • You want to integrate art history into future studies leading to a Master's degree or Ph.D. 

Options/Course of Studies:

Current Catalog

Minor in Art History

2019 - 2020

Minor in Art History

2018 - 2019

Minor in Art History

Accreditations and Memberships:

Higher Learning Commission (HLC)

American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU)

American Association of Colleges & Universities (AAC&U)

Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE)