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Art Department

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Our Mission

The mission of the Art Department is to complement a university liberal arts education with professional training in art. The Art Department aids students in nurturing conceptual ideas, developing critical thinking, and using problem solving skills.

Art Degrees

The Art Department offers several Majors that help develop highly trained artists who will become designers, teachers, and studio artists.

These programs lead to the:

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Visual Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Studio or Graphic Design
Bachelor of Science in Art Education (B.S.E.)

The Department also offers Minors in Art and Graphic Design for students who are already majoring in other fields. For our majors, we provide a solid foundation of required prerequisite courses covering art materials, concepts, and techniques followed by a flexible, individually tailored studio program. This allows students to create objects and images spanning a broad selection of media and methods.

Advanced level students are encouraged to express their own personal direction and ideas while developing and establishing professional standards. Student progress is monitored by a series of reviews which culminates in our capstone experience, Senior Exhibit.

Our Faculty

The Art Department is distinguished by its internationally experienced faculty who strive to maintain a balance between teaching expertise, professional creative work, and service to our community. Our faculty provides an integrated, relevant educational experience through quality teaching, small classes, and individual attention.

What Our Department Offers:

  • The Art Appreciation course that fulfills the Humanities and Arts portion of the Core Curriculum
  • Themed exhibitions in the department's art gallery
  • History of Art courses
  • Study Abroad programs
  • All 100 Level and some 200 Level art courses are open to non-art majors.

Art history, all 100 level, and some 200 level courses in art are open to non-art majors. 300 level and higher courses generally have prerequisites.

See Course Descriptions.