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Administration, Faculty and Staff


Mr. Frank A. Pishkur, M.F.A.Frank A. Pishkur
Department Chair and Professor

M.F.A. (Ceramics), Wichita State University

Teaching Responsibilities: Ceramics, 3-D Design
Research Interests:  Pottery, Relief, and Sculptural forms-especially with worked and celadon glazed surfaces, Craft Theory
Advising Areas: Ceramics,  3-D Studio Arts

International Art Experience:  Summer in Scandinavia 2007, 2009, 2012, 2016, 2018, Trip Leader (Denmark, England, France, Ireland, Norway, and Sweden). 2017 Art of Korea, International Art Seminar. Solo Exhibition South Korea. 2003-2004, Invited (Visiting) Professor of Ceramics, Kyung Hee University, Korea

Office: FINART Room 205
Phone: 417-625-9735

Donna Pooley
Administrative Assistant

Office: FINART Room 204
Phone: 417-625-9563



Elmira Bagherzadeh, M.F.A.Elmira-Bagherzadeh-1.jpg
Assistant Professor of Design

M.F.A. Creative Practices in Art, Technology, and Emerging Communication, University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas
M. A. in Animation, University of Art, Tehran
B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, Islamic Azad University of Mashhad

Teaching Responsibilities: Motion graphics, Web design, Digital Illustration, UI/UX, Packaging Design 
Research Interests: Time-based media, New Media Art, Women in Art, Art and Mental health, Animation, Art and Technology 
Advising Areas: Design, New Media, Motion Graphics, and Digital Illustration
International Art Experience: Short animation screening in multiple animation and film festivals in countries such as USA, Iran, Greece, India, Italy, England, Korea, Canada during 2017, 2018 

Office: FINART Room LE-03
Phone: 417-625-9596

Dr. Christine Bentley, Ph.D.Christine Bentley
Associate Professor

Ph.D.  Art History, Indiana University-Bloomington
M. A. Art History, University of Notre Dame
Museum Studies Certificate, Southern Illinois University

Teaching Responsibilities: Art History, Gallery Studies, Art Appreciation, Medical Humanities
Research Interests: European Modernism, Medicine and Art, German Art (Nationalism, Landscape Painting, Peasantry), Islamic Art, African Art, and Women Artists
Advising Areas: Art History, Museum/ Gallery Studies, Art Therapy
International Art Experience: 2022, 2019 Trip Leader, Art and Anatomy in Italy (YTL Pre-Med Cohort), 2018 Trip Leader, Art of Norway (International Art Seminar); 2014 Tango in Turkey (International Art Seminar); 2009 Trip leader, Germany; 2006 Trip Leader, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Austria; numerous research trips to Germany, Scandinavia, and Austria.

Office: FINART Room 115
Phone: 417-625-3066


Mr. Kyle McKenzie, M.F.A.Kyle McKenzie
Associate Professor

M.F.A. (Painting), University of Arkansas
M.A. (Painting), Pittsburg State University

Teaching Responsibilities: Painting and Professional Art Practices
Advising Areas:  Painting, 2-D Studio Arts
International Art Experience: Summer in Scandinavia 2015, 2017, 2022, Trip Leader (Brussels, Denmark, France, Norway,  and Sweden)

Office: FINART Room 319
Phone: 417-625-3047  

Dr. Amber L. Mintert, E.D.Amber L. Mintert
Associate Professor

E.D.  Evangel University (Curriculum/Leadership)
Certificate of Studio Arts, Regis University
M.S.Ed., Pittsburg State University

Teaching Responsibilities: Art Appreciation, Art for Elementary School Teachers, Art Education Methodology, Fiber Arts.
Advising Areas:  Art Education K-12

Contact Information:

Office: FINART Room 301
Phone: 417-625-3115

Mr. M. Ed Outhouse, M.F.A.37622869851_32c980d861_k-1.jpg
Associate Professor of Design

M.F.A. (Graphic Design), Iowa State University

Teaching Responsibilities:  Print and Publication Design
Advising Areas:  Design, Graphic Design
International Art Experience: 2013, 2015, 2017, Faculty exchange with Mullsjö Folkhögskola, Mullsjö, Sweden: Graphic Design/ Digital Photography, Summer in Scandinavia 2014, 2023,  Trip Leader (Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden).

Office: FINART Room  334
Phone: 417-625-9597


Mr. Örjan Henriksson, M.F.A.32366338524_a4805e7572_k-1.jpg
Adjunct Professor of Photography

Teaching Responsibilities: Swedish Photo Seminar (Summer in Sweden), Faculty exchange with MSSU: Graphic Design/ Digital Photography
International Art Experience:  Photography Instructor at the Mullsjö Folkhögskola, Mullsjö, Sweden, exhibits internationally, lives and works in Sweden.

Örjan Henriksson

Mr. Scott Murray Jr., M.F.A.15753009864_49df38b3f8_c-1.jpg
Adjunct Instructor

M.F.A. (Sculpture), Wichita State University

Teaching Responsibilities: Sculpture, 3D Design
International Art Experience: Participant, Summer in Scandinavia 1999, Denmark, Ireland, Norway and Sweden.

Phone: 417-625-5468

Mr. Jason Stamper, M.F.A. Jason Stamper
Adjunct Instructor

M.F.A. (Printmaking), University of Tulsa

Teaching Responsibilities: Drawing
International Art Experience: Participant, Summer in Scandinavia 2005, Denmark, France, Ireland, Norway and Sweden.

Office: 319A
Phone:  417-625-9563

Ms. Carmen N. Stotts, M.A.Carmen N. Stotts
Adjunct Instructor

M.A. (Painting), Pittsburg State University

Teaching Responsibilities:  Art Appreciation

Phone: 417-625-9563