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Support Art at MSSU

Supporting Art and Art Students

State dollars provide only about one-third of the University's funding each year. The generosity of private donors creates opportunities for teaching, learning, and service that would not otherwise be possible. You are an important partner in keeping MSSU's Department of Art and Design an outstanding resource for the people of this community and beyond.

How have you been touched by Missouri Southern State University's Department of Art and Design? Have you visited the Spiva Gallery to witness our African Collection or other international exhibitions? If you have learned about historical and contemporary art by visiting our gallery you can help us continue to bring engaging exhibitions to this region. If you were a student, or your children were students how are you helping to shape the future? Alumni who once received scholarships can help current and future students reach their dreams by providing scholarship support by returning the gift.

Help Students

Students who receive scholarships are the most direct beneficiaries of gifts. Scholarships reward the dedication and excellence of our finest, most deserving students. These gifts can support the Department of Art and Design scholarships in general or be specified to go to a particular program like the Thomas Hart Benton fund or our Summer in Sweden program.

In-Kind Support

The MSSU Department of Art and Design welcomes gifts in-kind including refreshments for gallery receptions, professional-grade studio equipment or materials, current Macintosh computer hardware and software, artbooks, artifacts, and even art -- especially African works.

Cultural Support

Creative research conducted at Missouri Southern has an impact that is both local and global: we investigate issues that touch all of our lives and explore and inform our culture and society. Visiting artists share knowledge, skills, and ideas not otherwise available in this region. You can help us continue and even expand these offerings.

Shape the Future

The Department of Art and Design at Missouri Southern State University helps shape the future of this region. We educate talented men and women who become leaders and educators in public and private life, conduct creative research that deepens and improves the cultural heritage of the community, and provide expert service for the arts. Contact the Art Office or the MSSU Foundation at 417-625-9396 to help increase the impact and quality of our programming or click here: Giving to the Department of Art and Design

Greatest funding needs for the Department of Art and Design:

  • Summer in Sweden Program -- Financial support for rapidly rising instructor and student travel costs.
  • Thomas Hart Benton Fund -- Provides financial support for incoming students within a 300-mile radius but currently severely underfunded.
  • Unrestricted support for the Department of Art and Design -- Gifts that may be used at the discretion of the department head to direct funding where most needed (vital for unexpected costs for equipment repair and maintenance).