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Violent/Criminal Act

While violent crimes seldom occur on the campus of MSSU, it is wise to be prepared by educating yourself on the steps that should be taken in a crisis situation.

  1. Everyone is asked to assist in making the campus a safe place by being alert to suspicious persons and reporting them as outlined below.
  2. If you are the victim or are involved in any on-campus violations of the law such as assault, robbery, theft, sexual assault, etc., follow the procedures below:
  3. Do not take any unnecessary chances!
  4. Notify the Missouri Southern State University University Police extension 2222 (417-626-2222 off campus or cell phone) as soon as possible and supply the following information:

Nature of the incident
Location of the incident
Description and names of person(s) involved
Description of property involved

  1. If you witness a criminal act or if you notice a person(s) acting suspiciously on campus, immediately notify the MSSU University Police (Campus Police) and give them the information outlined in number “4” above. The University Police Officers will investigate the incident and possibly notify other police agencies for additional assistance.
  2. Assist the Officers when they arrive by supplying them with all pertinent information, and ask others to do the same.
  3. Should there be an “active shooter” on campus, persons in immediate proximity should lock the doors and take cover (shelter in place mode). If a violent person comes into a room during lockdown, people should defend themselves as well as possible as a group. If there is sufficient time and distance, persons should evacuate the area, going away from where the shooter is located. As soon as someone has access to a phone they should call 417-626-2222 and/or 911. (See Active Shooter page for additional details.)
  4. In a robbery situation, persons should remain as calm as possible and cooperate fully with the person(s), giving them anything of monetary value that they request. If the person progresses to the point of demanding a sexual act or attempts to take someone as a hostage, it is recommended that he/she be resisted.
  5. If a person finds himself/herself being held in a confined area by a person with some type of weapon, they should remain calm and try not to provoke the subject. If an opportunity for escape arises, a person should take advantage of it, but not at the risk of putting themselves or others in danger. When the Campus Police Department (as well as other area officers) arrives everyone should do as directed by the police officers.
  6. Potential hostage situations pose a unique problem to students and faculty/staff. Because the probability of survival is much greater if a person resists a hostage taker, and is successful in not being taken from the scene, it is suggested that victims make every effort to avoid being taken away in a vehicle. It is preferable to be injured where immediate medical attention is available than to risk being injured and left in a remote area. If all efforts to avoid being taken as a hostage fail, persons should make mental notes of what they see, feel, smell and hear along the route. They should also be aware of the subject’s characteristics, habits, speech, etc., so that they may be able to give law enforcement officers a better description. After being taken from the scene it is recommended that victims attempt to establish some type of rapport with the captors.