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Emergency Information

At MSSU we care about the personal safety of all members of the campus community and our guests. The University Police is the first point of contact for campus emergencies. An officer can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (417) 623-3131 (JPD Dispatch Center). Please call (417)-626-2222 for service calls.

Two emergency phones are located on the MSSU campus. One is located outside the University Police office and the other is located at the south entrance to the tunnel that runs under Newman Road. Picking up an emergency phone will automatically dial the University Police.

The University Police also has a communication plan in place to alert students to campus emergencies. Following are the components of the communication plan:

  • RAVE—Rave is an emergency text-messaging system. To register to receive emergency text messages on your cell phone, go to Using your Lionet username and password you can access your account. Once there, add your cell phone number to your personal information. For additional details contact the University Police at (417) 626-2222 or The Rave system will be used when there is an emergency affecting the entire campus.
  • Early Emergency Warning System (building ringdown) —In the event of an emergency, key offices in all campus buildings will be called simultaneously to communicate emergency information.
  • Other Electronic Communications —In an emergency, a message will be sent to all campus e-mail addresses and posted to Lionet and the MSSU Web site.
  • Big Voice Notification System --The speaker system located on the tops of buildings around campus that allow us to give out emergency messages.

When the threat from an emergency passes, an 'all clear' will be given. An 'all clear' message will be sent via Rave and the Early Emergency Warning System. The 'all clear' message will also be sent to all campus e-mail addresses and posted to Lionet and the MSSU Web site. Local media will be sent the 'all clear' message, if appropriate.

Other helpful information: