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Severe Weather


If inclement or severe weather causes the cancellation of classes or programs at Missouri Southern State University, students, faculty, staff, vendors and visitors should check the following sources for announcements:

Joplin Weather Forecast, MO (64801)

If inclement weather occurs during Finals Week resulting in a closing, the printed and online versions of the Schedule of Classes contain information about a contingency plan for finals. If theatre, music, or athletic events are scheduled on days that classes are canceled or the campus is closed, individuals should check the Web site or contact the departments to determine the status of those activities.

As soon as decisions are made, University Relations & Marketing personnel post the Web notification and contact the media outlets. Please also be aware that during times of school and business closings, many other organizations are contacting the media at the same time and it can take an extended period to get through to the appropriate contact person and then the stations need additional time to input the information for broadcast crawls. Check the sources frequently.


If you are on campus in the event of severe weather, stay calm and quickly follow the steps outlined below:

1. If indoors, seek shelter in the lowest level of the building away from windows. Interior hallways or rooms are preferable.

2. If outdoors, take cover in the nearest ditch or depression. Stay away from power lines and trees. Do not stay in your car or try to outrun a tornado.

3. Assist people with disabilities with accessing shelter.

4. Stay in shelter until the 'all clear' is given.

5. If you have access to the Internet, monitor the storm at Weather Underground or visit The Weather Channel.