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Helpful Enrollment Reminders

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  1. Have you filed your FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid? This is required for all federal, state, or institutional aid.
  2. If you filed your FAFSA, have you viewed your Financial Aid awards in Lionet (may still be in process). For more information contact the Financial Aid office at or call 417-625-9325.
  3. If you are going to receive outside scholarships, have you turned in all outside scholarship documentation to the MSSU Scholarship office? For more information contact the Scholarship office at 417-625-3161.
  4. If you are eligible for the MSSU Transfer Scholarships, please complete the Transfer Scholarship Application found at For more information, contact the Scholarship office at 417-625-3161.
  5. MSSU Foundation Scholarship application. Click to apply
  6. Did you receive your MSSU student ID, Pin #, and Email Address? If not contact MSSU IT department at 417-659-4444 or
  7. Have you activated your MSSU email account? Contact the MSSU IT department for assistance or with questions. Contact 417-659-4444 or
  8. All students are required to provide the Willcoxon Health Center with a medical history form, proof of 2 doses of Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccine or an immune titer. If you are living in campus housing, you cannot move in until you provide proof of a current Menningitis vaccine (MCV4 at age 16 or older).
    Download the medical history form and view detailed requirements at:
    (All new students are required to complete a Medical History form and upload their vaccine records through Med+Proctor)
    Once enrolled, students are required to complete a Tuberculosis (TB) risk assessment on LioNet which will determine if you need a TB test or to submit documentation. ***All immunization requirements must be met before the students are permitted to attend classes. If you would like to review your record with the Heather Center and/or discuss vaccinations, you can reach them at Willcoxon Health Center at 417-625-9323.
  9. If you plan to live in the residence halls, you will need to complete an online Housing Contract, pay your $150 housing deposit, and have proof of a current meningitis vaccine. Log into your LioNet account and click, "Applications and Forms" under Campus Housing. For more information contact the Residence Life Office at 417-625-4261 or
  10. Have you sent your final High School transcript to the MSSU Admissions Office? (Freshman requirement)
  11. Have you sent official copies of all college transcripts to the MSSU Admissions Office? Official copies mean the transcript has to be sent directly from the college where credits were earned-dual credit, AP credit, IB credit or transfer credit to the MSSU Admissions Office.