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Board of Trustees

Past Board of Trustees Information:

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The Board of Trustees ceased to function in 1986. The last election of Trustees was April 1976. At that time Carolyn Rodgers McKee and Fred Hughes were reelected. McKee had been appointed in January 1976 to fill the unexpired term of Thomas E. Taylor.

We would like to honor those who represented on past Board of Trustees.

Jasper County Junior College District, Board of Trustees 1964-1986

Trustee Name Year Elected Term Expired
Fred G. Hughes 1964 1986
Norval M. Matthews 1964 1974
Lauren R. Reynolds 1964 1968
Gene Taylor 1964 1972
Thomas E. Taylor 1964 1975
Elvin Ummell 1964 1986
Arthur Kungle 1972 1986
Donald Patterson 1974 1986
Carolyn Rodgers McKee 1976 1986