Art Department Scholarships

Contact the Art Department at (417) 625-9563 for specific application and deadline information. Scholarship amounts may vary annually. To be eligible for any scholarship students must be declared art majors, enrolled full-time (12 hours) and maintain a 2.5 G.P.A. overall with a 3.0 G.P.A. in Art. Scholarships are fee waivers and no actual cash will be awarded. Other restrictions may apply.

Thomas Hart Benton Awards

  • Established in 1981 and funded by the Thomas Hart Benton Fund this scholarship is given to incoming Freshmen (hailing from a 300 mile radius of MSSU). This award is based on a portfolio review of demonstrated artistic skills, above average academic record, and a desire to pursue a career in art.

Katherine L. Hyde Study Abroad Scholarships

  • Awarded in the early spring to art majors who are accepted into the annual Art Department Summer in Sweden study abroad program. Usually this award covers a significant amount of the cost of the five-week trip to Scandinavia.

Art Department Scholarships

  • Given each spring, these awards are determined by a digital portfolio review process by the entire Art Department Faculty and given to outstanding art majors at each grade level.

Performing Aid Scholarships

  • Also determined by a digital portfolio review process each spring, with consideration given to departmental service, college potential, and leadership qualities, these winners will perform specialized tasks related to their majors for the art department not to exceed 10 hours each week.

Katherine L. Hyde Additional Scholarships in Art

  • Smaller, partial scholarships awarded to students demonstrating outstanding accomplishments in visual art studies while attending MSSU.

Mary Curtis Warten Endowed Scholarship

  • $1,200 Scholarship award determined by a digital portfolio review process by the entire Art Department Faculty and given to an outstanding art major.

Please note: Financial aid based on need is administered through the Financial Aid Office. There are also other non-art, merit based scholarships designed for all students also offered through the Financial Aid Office.