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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for services?

When you receive your acceptance materials from MSSU, there will be an information card in the packet about contacting Student Disability Services. This is standard procedure for all accepted students. You should contact the Coordinator of Student Disability Services as soon as possible.

Must I self-disclose my disability with my application for admission?

No, this is optional. The law mandates that you cannot be discriminated against, on the basis of your disability. We cannot ask you if you have a disability and cannot require this information during the admissions process.

Is Missouri Southern State University accessible?

Yes, our campus meets ADA guidelines.

Will I receive the same accommodations I received in high school?

Not necessarily. It depends on the documentation you submit and the type of disability you have. We are committed to providing you with the accommodations needed for equal access within the boundaries of the law.

Is my disability information shared with my instructors?

No. The Student Disability Services office maintains and secures all files. The information in the file is not shared with anyone unless you sign a release form. Once you are approved for accommodations, an Accommodation Memo will be created for you. A copy of this memo (which does not specify your disability) is given to you. It is your responsibility to share this memo with your instructor(s) at the beginning of each semester for each class in which you are requesting accommodations. The choice is up to you whether or not you disclose your disability to your instructors.

Do I need to submit a new application and disability verification every year?

No. Once you are approved for services, you are set. Only the Accommodation Plan needs to be reviewed and signed yearly. You should pick up a new Accommodation Memo each semester.

What if I need changes in my accommodations after I sign my Accommodation Plan?

Notify the Coordinator of Student Disability Services. Your file will be reviewed and accommodations may be revised at any time.

Who is responsible for paying for evaluations to verify my disability?

You and/or your family are fully responsible.

Is tutoring available?

Tutoring is not an "accommodation."

However, we are fortunate enough to have a Student Success Center which offers tutoring in a wide variety of classes. Tutoring is available to all Missouri Southern students regardless of disability status and is arranged on a first come, first serve basis.

What is the process for a housing accommodation?

You must submit a housing application to Student Services and specify your disability-related reason for your request. You must also submit your documentation to the Coordinator of Student Disability Services.

What are Missouri Southern's procedures regarding a Personal Care Attendant (PCA)?

It is the student's responsibility to:

  1. Secure a PCA prior to attending any University-related activity. The University is not responsible for providing a PCA on an interim basis.
  2. Ensure that each PCA signs the Personal Care Attendant Campus Access Agreement form available from the Office of Student Disability Services.
  3. Ensure that if personnel changes occur during the semester, that the new PCA signs the Agreement form.
  4. Direct the activity of the PCA while on campus
  5. Have a back up plan or alternative plan of action should the regular PCA not be available to work with you on a particular day or in a particular class.

Student Communication with Instructor:

The student with a disability is responsible for all communication with instructors and other students. The PCA may not speak for the student with a disability, clarify information, make requests, or ask questions of the instructor or other students at any time during or after the class. For students with disabilities who experience communication challenges, the PCA may act as an interpreter on a limited basis. The PCA should limit him or herself to only interpreting the student's actual words.

Student Mobility in the Classroom:

The student with a disability is responsible for instructing the PCA in what materials they need and when they need to use them. This should be done prior to class and if needed, during class, and done in a quiet manner so as not to disrupt the classroom environment.

In-Class Note Taker:

Students with dexterity impairments qualify for an in class note taker who will make a copy of their notes for the student with the disability. The PCA is not required to take notes and will not be provided with clarification for lecture notes or additional information from the instructor or other students regarding class notes.

Recording Lectures:

Students with a disability may request the PCA to record the lecture, to listen to it at a later time in order to cover all course information.

Tests and In Class Exams:

The PCA may not scribe or work as a reader for class exams for the student. All exams will be administered in the Student Success Center. The PCA should wait outside the testing room.

Discussion Groups:

The student will determine what mobility assistance is required during group discussions or projects and advise the PCA accordingly.

Instructor, Student, PCA Concerns Related to PCA Role:

All concerns, questions or disagreements regarding the role of the PCA in the classroom will be discussed with the Coordinator of Student Disability Services as soon as possible to ensure a timely resolution.