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Study Abroad Opportunities

Honors Students

Study Opportunities

Honors student standing in water

Members of the Honors Program are required to participate in international study experiences during their tenure at Southern. Because international study is the special academic mission of Missouri Southern, a number of established programs already exist, but current honors students are commonly involved in designing and arranging new international study programs within their disciplines.

Students standing with a llama in Equador

Among the opportunities available are the Missouri London Program, courses taught by MSSU faculty in foreign countries such as Biology in Costa Rica and Spanish in Mexico or Guatemala, and programs coordinated by the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP). With ISEP, students have studied abroad in countries such as England, Australia, New Zealand, Malta, Sweden, Chile, and Hong Kong.

Each student has the opportunity to imagine himself or herself in any country and then to make that vision a reality. Students may also choose to use their study abroad experience as a chance to be involved in service in a foreign country. A Director works with each student individually to make sure the experience is meaningful, worthwhile, and safe. With the help of Southern’s Institute of International Studies, the Honors Program has sent students to countries throughout the world.