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Developing Scholars

Honors Students

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In addition to providing specific challenges and opportunities, the Honors Program is designed to help the brightest and best students mature as scholars. The following unique features of the program address specific areas of intellectualism and scholarship, developing cognitive and cultural awareness in the Honors Scholar.

Academic Integrity Statement: Missouri Southern State University is committed to academic integrity and expects all members of the university community to accept shared responsibility for maintaining academic integrity. Students are subject to the provisions of the university’s Academic Integrity Policy, published in the Student Handbook. Penalties for academic misconduct in any course may include a failing grade on the assignment, a failing grade in the course, or any other course-related sanction the instructor determines to be appropriate. Continued enrollment in a course affirms a student’s acceptance of the university policy.

In addition, Honors students are expected to abide by the requirements and regulations of the Honors Program, and to help promote an atmosphere of honesty and responsibility in order to foster intellectual and personal growth. Any Honors student who is found responsible for violating the code of Academic Integrity by the Honors Program, or fails to uphold the behavior expected of an Honors student, will be dismissed from the program effective immediately.

Honors Forum (HNRS 101) - one credit

This course follows a discussion-based format in which the Honors students are challenged to discover differences in definitions and in the way they and others see the world. Learn more...

Service Learning (HNRS 201) - two credits

After intensive preparation, Honors students experience first-hand the value and challenges of community service as they simultaneously participate in and analyze the culture of a local service institution. Students keep journals of their experiences and produce reflective analyses which apply the theories they learn in the classroom to their own experiences and those of their peers, culminating in the students developing their own personal philosophies of service. Learn more...

Core Curriculum Courses - 18 credits

Special sections of required courses such as English composition are designated as Honors sections. There are a number of such courses offered each semester, and most Honors students select several from these during their freshman and sophomore years. Learn more...

Research Seminar (HNRS 400) - two credits

This course will address fundamental elements of research design and execution in order to prepare students for their senior thesis projects. Prerequisites: junior or senior standing, good standing in the MSSU Honors Program.

Senior Thesis (HNRS 490) -  one credit

Students will meet weekly with Honor Program staff in order to assess their progress toward completing their Honors Theses. Prerequisites: senior standing, good standing in the MSSU Honors Program

Senior Honors Thesis/Project (Independent Study)  - three credits

As a summative honors experience, Honors students take at least one Honors course in their major during the senior year. Working under professors in their major field, they design and carry out independent projects investigating a topic in depth and utilizing original research methods. Each student makes a presentation of his or her research to an Honors Colloquium open to a campus-wide audience. The presentation is required of each student for completion of the Honors Program.