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International Student Exchange Program

ISEP: Your most affordable option

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MSSU students wanting to spend a semester abroad should consider the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) first. While MSSU’s partner universities are another viable option, they sometimes cost a little more – especially if you have to pay the other university directly for housing or find your own accommodations. The benefit of ISEP is that you will pay MSSU tuition, room and board (note that there is a $100 application fee and a $425 acceptance fee, which the partner universities do not charge).

Enrollment in the ISEP Student Insurance is required, and will not be waived even if you are covered under another insurance policy. The cost is $100 per month

Please note the distinction between ISEP-Exchange and ISEP-Direct. With ISEP-Exchange, you pay MSSU tuition, room and board. With ISEP-Direct, you pay the other university directly for your tuition, room and board. In nearly every case, ISEP-Direct will cost you substantially more than you would pay at MSSU. While many universities will be listed as both ISEP-Exchange and ISEP-Direct, these institutions have a very limited number of Exchange placements available. The main advantage of ISEP-Direct is that chances of placement are usually excellent for qualified applicants, so you and a friend could study together. But if cost is a factor, you should look at all the ISEP-Exchange universities first.

ISEP: How to Apply

  • ISEP must have the online applications by March 1 for Fall semester and Sept. 15 for Spring semester for priority consideration.
  • The online application can be found here under Apply.
  • You must have a minimum GPA of 2.75.
  • Print your transcript off Lionet, scan it in, and upload it to your application. Be sure to print a neat copy off Lionet that includes your name.
  • Answer some brief biography questions on the online application.
  • Ask an MSSU faculty member to submit an academic reference for you. You will provide the professor's name and email address on your online application.
  • Submit the identification page of your passport.
  • On the Host Site Request List, select 3-10 ISEP member institutions where you would like to study on ISEP-Exchange. To determine the chances of placement, use the "Find a Program" search feature. You will have to type in Missouri Southern State University as your home university. Click on More Filters, then ISEP Exchange, then select Excellent or Very Good, then Apply Filters.
  • Pay the $100 application fee.

After your application has been submitted:

  • Students will be notified of their placement by email approximately 1-4 weeks after the priority deadline. Direct placements will be made quickly, while Exchange placements will take slightly longer.
  • Once a student is placed, he/she will have one week to submit their Course Request List. The Course Request List is preliminary, so students should list more courses than they'll actually end up taking.
  • You will be expected to attend an orientation session for MSSU students spending a semester abroad either in May or December.