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Student Projects

The coursework provides a quality education to students that is application oriented and connected to the needs of regional and global businesses.

The curriculum includes two major design experiences and multiple courses where students do projects in industry to get experience in complex and open-ended problem solving while applying technical and non-technical skills.


Junior Design Experience:

The MET 302 CNC Project and Cost Analysis course teaches how to successfully manage projects and provides for a project that involves designing, programming, prototyping, proofing, and manufacturing a product.

Students are expected to apply knowledge gained in previous coursework (math, science, project management, and engineering technology courses). The deliverables include a project portfolio, poster, presentation, CNC set-up sheet, CNC program, and the final part. The project portfolio includes elements such as the project scope statement, milestones, project network, design, material selection, CNC set-up sheet & CNC program, tool list, and cost analysis.

The MET 302 serves the role in helping students understand a typical design process and gain experience with common tools engineering technologists use to work throughout the design process.

The experience our students gain during this class reaches beyond the classroom. They learn valuable lessons that they can draw from in any life situation including time management, working in teams, communicating effectively with other professionals, applying new technologies, and working within a given budget.


Senior Design Experience

In the IET 471 Senior Design Course, students apply their technical and non-technical knowledge to actual industrial problems. The design activity includes identification of problem, objective, financial benefits, activity plan, customer analysis, data collection and analysis, generation and evaluation of solutions, and recommendations for and where possible, development of systems improvement. Students have to present their project to a diverse audience that consists of fellow classmates, invited alumni and invited IET advisory board members.

Each semester the course is taught, we have a number of companies that sponsor a variety of projects. The companies provide the technical expertise to help get students up to speed on their project and serve as a resource for questions. Students are expected to draw on their knowledge from previous course work.

Engineering Technology students complete high-impact projects that result in significant dollar savings for local manufacturing companies.