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About The Certificate in Automation

The use of industrial technology is continually growing throughout the world. There is need for people who know how to program and operate industrial robots. There is also a need for people who understand how industrial robots integrate with manufacturing processes.

The certificate in automation prepares students for automation related careers in process control, manufacturing, computerized hardware/software integration and sustainable automated systems.

The certificate in automation is designed to be taken in combination with the field of Industrial Engineering Technology as well as the fields of Computer Information Science, Computational Mathematics, Physics, and Physics-Engineering.


What You'll Learn 

Students will gain the critical skills to work with automation needed by industry including

  • set up, operate, program, and integrate robots into a manufacturing environment
  • design, configure, and program industrial control systems using a Programmable Logic Controller
  • maintain and troubleshoot typical automation problems efficiently
  • understand the fundamentals of electricity and power generation


This Degree Is Great For You If:

  • you are a logical thinker
  • you are hands-on
  • you want a challenging career
  • you like to work with technical people

There is a shortage of qualified technical people capable of managing industrial automated equipment.  The responsibility for improving and keeping plant equipment running is extremely high, but very rewarding. It takes a unique individual with specific skills, but once those skills are attained the career path can be extremely successful.


Options/Courses of Study

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Certificate in Automation