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Scholarship Auditions


We are delighted you are considering being a part of Missouri Southern’s internationally recognized Performing Arts Department! It is our preference that you come to campus for your audition – we value the time to meet you, hear you, and offer suggestions in our new audition/lesson format. However, we are open to reviewing auditions via video submission especially if you would be driving some distance to get here.



Please audition if:

  • You’re interested in majoring in music or theatre.
  • You like performing, but don’t want to pursue music or theatre as a major.



Remember, our goal is to see the potential you have with collegiate training over the years you are here. We also want you to feel comfortable coming into your audition and to this end, we are rooting you on to do well.

  1. Make sure you apply to MSSU. We cannot offer scholarship contracts until you have been fully admitted.
  2. Fill out the audition form completely to the best of your ability.
    Audition Form
  3. Prepare two selections of a contrasting nature, not to exceed more than 7 minutes.
    • Choose selections that show off your ability, range, and performance best.
    • Choose selections that excite you and makes you want to perform.
    • Remember, a prepared performance means you have practiced.
  4.  Dress appropriately. Remember, you are not only auditioning, but you are also interviewing. Choose attire that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and professional.
  5. SLATE YOUR AUDITION: Before you perform your audition pieces, we would like you to tell us your name, what selections you will be performing, including the name of the character, the title of the play, and the playwright’s name if you doing a theatrical audition. Do not include a synopsis of the play, a description of the character, or a discussion of the play’s themes.
  6. For musical theatre auditions, please see both the vocal and theatrical requirements.
  7. If you have questions, please reach out to Please make sure you tell us your name and what area(s) you are intending to audition (instrumental, theatrical, vocal).




  1. Your prepared pieces could be a solo, movements from a solo, or an etude.
  2. Memorization is not required.
  3. Piano: If possible, play one of your selected pieces from memory.
  4. Jazz:
    • Wind and piano players should play a standard melody and improvise at least one chorus over the changes.
    • Accompaniment from Jamey Aebersold, Band in a Box, iRealPro, or any other virtual rhythm section is acceptable.
    • Piano players should comp one chorus if possible.
    • Bass players should play the changes for a 12-bar blues. Improvisation or playing the changes with a separate jazz standard is encouraged.
    • Drummers should play 4 measures of time and 4 measures of fills in an alternating patter (4 bars of time, 4 bars of fill, 4 bars of time, etc.) in the following styles: medium swing and a Latin style.


  1. Your prepared pieces could be an aria, an art song, a folk song, or a musical theatre selection (please perform only 1 musical theatre piece).
  2. It is suggested that one piece be in a modern language, although not required.
  3. Memorization is strongly recommended but not required.
  4. Musical selections should be presented with accompaniment.


  1. Your prepared monologue from a modern, published play. Do not use your own material. Use a proven play.
  2. Choose a character with whom you identify, which allows for vocal/emotional variety and movement.
  3. Avoid excessive strong language and profanity, chairs, props, and sitting or kneeling.
  4. Use standard stage English.
  5. Avoid accents and dialects.
  6. Your presentation should be memorized.

To audition in person, please:

  1. Select the date that best fits your schedule.
  2. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled audition time.
  3. Make sure you are warmed up physically, mentally, and vocally if you are singing or acting.
  4. For vocalists, we will have an accompanist onsite to play for you. Please make sure you bring a copy for the accompanist.
  5. Breathe.

To audition by video, please:

  1. Record your audition: Submitted videos do not have to be professionally recorded. You may use your cell phone or computer.
  2. Please slate your audition at the beginning of the video.
  3. Upload your video to YouTube and set it as unlisted or private. Videos with these flags are not searchable or viewable by anyone unless they have a link. 4. Please send an invitation to letting us know your video is ready to view.
  4. For vocalists, Karaoke-style accompaniments may be found on YouTube or mobile apps such as Accompanist iPhone app (which is free to students for a limited time). If your school music program has a subscription to SmartMusic, there may also be accompaniment options for your pieces through that software. Contact your choir director for information to see if your school has a SmartMusic subscription.