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Degree Options

Performing Arts Degrees and Certificates

The Performing Arts Department offers a variety of degrees and certificates that provide a path to achieve your dreams in music and theatre!

Professional Degrees




   Elective Studies

Liberal Arts Degrees

Undergraduate Certificate Offerings – These can be paired with any of the above degrees, or with the Bachelor of General Studies degree. They can also be done separate from any degree.


Graduate Certificate Offerings

Our graduate certificates, which can be paired with the Master of Science in Education Curriculum and Instruction degree in Teacher Education, include Ensemble Pedagogy and Applied Pedagogy.



Education: Bachelor of Music Education / Bachelor of Science in Speech and Theatre / Certificate in Music Instruction / Certificate in Theatre Instruction / Graduate Certificate in Music Pedagogy / Certificate in Music Conducting

  • Conductor
  • Director
  • Teach Community College
  • Teach Elementary Music
  • Teach Secondary Music – Conduct a Choir / Conduct a Band
  • Teach Secondary Speech / Theatre – Direct a Play / Direct a Musical
  • Music Therapy

Performance: Bachelor of Music in Vocal, Instrumental, and Keyboard Performance / Bachelor of Fine Arts Theatre Performance / Bachelor of Musical Theatre / Certificate in Music Ensemble Performance / Certificate in Music Conducting / Certificate in Pit Orchestra Performance / Certificate in Musical Theatre

  • Accompanist
  • College Applied Music / Theatre Professor
  • Music Theatre Performer
  • Opera / Oratorio Singer
  • Rock/Pop/Country Artists
  • Session Artist
  • Theatre Performer

Industry: Bachelor of Science in Music Industry / Bachelor of Science in Theatre Industry / Certificate in Arts Administration & Leadership / Certificate in Music Industry / Certificate in Theatre Industry

  • Acoustician
  • Arts Administrator
  • Arts Business Manager
  • Audio Technician
  • Designer: Stage, Lighting, Costume, and Set
  • Instrument Repair
  • Talent Agent

 Elective Studies: Bachelor of Music with Elective Studies in an Outside Field

  • Music Business
  • Music Engineer
  • Music Therapy
  • Music Lawyer


FUN FACT: Did you know, that according to a study done in 2018 by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) that the percent of admitted applicants for music and theatre was above 80%?