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Services Provided by UPD Officers

police shield Performing directed and random patrols on campus

In an attempt to reduce fear/apprehension of crime on campus, University Police Department (UPD) Officers will provide a visible presence to help promote an atmosphere of safety for students, faculty/staff and all visitors.

Answering calls for service

UPD Officers will respond to calls for service on campus, i.e., disturbance, trespassing, property destruction, theft, accident, etc. They will intervene in disturbances and investigate reported crime on campus. They will contact emergency services when needed and (since becoming a campus police department in March of 2008) commissioned officers will investigate all criminal activity, including submitting cases to the Jasper County Prosecutor's office for the filing of charges. In addition to police functions, the officers are trained as first responders to deal with injuries and/or serious illness on campus through training in basic first aid, CPR and the use of the Automatic External Defibrillator.

Compiling reports for incidents and accidents

UPD Officers will compile reports documenting crimes, significant occurrences, accidents, etc. that occur on campus. Copies of those reports are available at the UPD Office for a nominal charge.

Enforcing all traffic and parking regulations on campus

In order to assure that handicapped persons have adequate parking, that emergency personnel have access and to facilitate safety and order on campus, UPD Officers will enforce all traffic and parking regulations on campus. University police officers may also enforce all Missouri State Statutes on campus.

Providing security for sports events, concerts etc., on campus

UPD Officers provide security services at events on campus to insure that participants can enjoy the events with little concern for disruptions.

Checking buildings to insure that they are secure

In addition to the various other duties, UPD Officers check to insure that buildings are properly locked in the evening hours. They also unlock doors to allow access for authorized persons entering buildings in the early morning hours and on weekends.

Monitoring activities in the dorms

To insure the safety of all students and Resident Advisors in the dorms, UPD Officers are on duty during the midnight hours to watch for unauthorized persons and to enforce the rules of the dorms. UPD Officers are committed to making sure the campus remains free from drugs/alcohol and violence.

Providing courtesy services for students

UPD Officers provide many courtesy services for students and faculty/staff, i.e., unlocking cars, jump starts, escorts, etc. Any student or faculty/staff member are encouraged to contact a UPD Officer with any problem and they will directly assist or direct the person to the agency/service who can provide the assistance.

Fire Safety and Hazardous Materials

A fire Safety / Haz Mat officer is responsible for gathering and disposing of all biological and chemical hazardous materials on campus. He is also responsible for the inspection and maintenance of fire suppression items on campus.

Providing Timely Warnings

The Clery Act requires a timely warning to be given to the campus community in certain instances. In accordance with the act, the MSSU PD will issue a crime alert in a timely manner for on-going threats to safety and to aid in the prevention of similar crimes. Specifically, these crimes will include situations that are reported to the UPD and that are considered serious or continuing threats to the campus population. Warnings will be communicated via text messages (Rave system), e-mails, posted notices, and/or media sources at the discretion of the Chief of the University Police Department.

Student Training

RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) classes are offered to all female MSSU students in the fall and spring semesters at no cost. This self-defense session teaches girls how to avoid risky situations and how to fight off an attacker.

The University Police Department uses the A.L.I.C.E. (Alert/Lockdown/Inform/Counter/Evacuate) training to teach students how to survive if they were to be confronted by a violent person with a weapon in a group setting. The "swarm" method (a technique for distracting and securing an attacker) is only used as a last resort when students are trapped and escape isn't possible.

Providing safety information to students

UPD Officers provide literature regarding ways to be safe on and off campus, as well as how to keep property from being stolen. Those types of materials can be picked up at the UPD Office at the West end of the campus. To ask questions about the University Police Department, please call the University Police Chief at 417-625-9741.