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Financial Responsibility Agreement

By reading then agreeing to the FRA, students acknowledge that they understand that enrollment in classes and/or receipt of some services will create a financial obligation, and that each student promises to pay all charges that are posted to the student account.  It also specifies what will happen if charges are not paid in full, so students are fully informed not only about their financial responsibility, but also the potential consequences that will occur when student account balances are not paid in a timely manner.  Finally, it provides permission for the University to provide specific services to students for which we need consent in order to comply with regulatory requirements.

Financial Responsibility Agreement


I promise to pay all charges on my Missouri Southern State University (hereafter referred to as “University”) student account, including tuition, late payment fees, room and board, as well as any additional fees by the due date. I fully accept this debt as my personal financial responsibility.

This extends to any additional tuition and fees accrued if I make an adjustment to my enrollment schedule. I agree that I will remain responsible, in line with the University’s policy, for tuition and fees for any classes that I have added, withdrawn from, dropped or failed (including those that I never attend). I also acknowledge that it is my responsibility to withdraw from any/all classes that I will not attend in a particular term/session. Failure to properly withdraw from these classes, according to the withdrawal timelines and process published in the University’s withdrawal and refund policies may leave me responsible to pay any tuition/fees owed for such classes. Further, I understand that, if any projected financial aid from non-University sources (such as Federal grants or loans, or private scholarships from outside organizations) becomes unavailable to me for paying University charges, I will remain responsible for such charges.

Communication method. The University will mail paper bills to my current billing address, and my current official bill is also available at any time via LioNet (, the student portal of the University. Should the University need to contact me, they will do so via my official email account. I understand that it is my responsibility to monitor that email address, review my bill, and make payment by the published due date. I agree to provide the University’s Registrar’s Office with my current billing address and phone number at all times during while I am enrolled in the University, or have an outstanding balance with the University. I authorize the University and its agents and contractors to contact me at my current and any future cellular phone number(s), e-mail address(es), or wireless device(s) regarding any debt I owe to University, or to receive general information from the University. I authorize the University and its agents and contractors to use automated telephone dialing equipment, artificial or prerecorded voice or text messages, and personal calls and e-mails, in their efforts to contact me. Furthermore, I understand that I may withdraw my consent to call my cellular telephone using automated telephone dialing equipment by submitting my request in writing to the University’s Bursar or in writing to the applicable contractor or agent contacting me on behalf of the University.

Collection fees. I also understand that, in the event my account is past due, the University may place my account with a collection agency if the account remains unpaid. I understand that, when an account is placed into collections, it may be reported to the national credit bureaus. I further understand that I will be responsible for covering all costs related to collection of the past due amount, including collection fees, attorneys' fees, and court costs.

Financial hold. I understand that, once an account becomes past due, a transcript hold, registration hold, and diploma hold are placed on the account, and may result in the cancellation of my registration for the current term.

Returned payment fee. All returned checks or other payments are charged a return fee of $15.00. A $15.00 return fee will be added to my student account if an electronic payment cannot be completed. Reasons for this may be due to insufficient funds, account closed, cannot locate bank account, stop payment or invalid account number.

Consent to collection communications. I authorize the University and its agents and contractors, including a collection agency, to contact me regarding any outstanding balance by any means. This could include automated telephone dialing equipment or artificial or pre-recorded voice or text messages. I agree to be contacted by telephone at any number associated with my account, including my cell phone and/or any other wireless device. I agree that the University, its affiliates, agents, and service providers may record telephone calls regarding my account in assurance of quality or for other reasons.

Entire agreement. This agreement supersedes all prior understandings, representations, negotiations, and correspondence between me and the University, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the matters described, and shall not be modified or affected by any course of dealing or course of performance. This agreement may be modified by the University if the modification is signed by me.

I agree that I should contact the Bursar’s Office with questions about this agreement at any time. I have read, understood and agree to the payment conditions outlined above.