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Withdrawal Information

To withdraw from MSSU before the start of classes contact your academic advisor, the ACTS office, or the Registrar's office.

To withdraw during the semester select one of the following for more information concerning that type of withdrawal.

-*Dates may vary for off schedule classes. Students must contact Registrar's office for information on off schedule courses

Partial Withdrawal Information

Partial Withdrawal Procedures | Partial Withdrawal Consequences

Partial Withdrawal Procedures

If you have at least one on-campus course, you must initiate the withdrawal from a single course in the Registrar's Office, even if the course is online. All withdrawals must be initiated by the enrolled student. Someone else (spouse, sibling, friend, etc.) may not obtain the required signatures or return the form to the Registrar's Office on your behalf. Students must complete the form and obtain the following signatures:

  • Academic representative - advisor or instructor
  • Financial aid (even if you are not receiving aid)
  • Bookstore (even if there are no rental books for the course)

If you are receiving veterans benefits, are a student athlete, a member of Project Stay, a member of the Honors Program, or an international student, additional signatures are required.

If you are a 100% distance student (no on-campus courses), you may request a single course withdrawal by emailing Online Academic Advising at

Partial Withdrawal Consequences

Please read the following consequences before completing a withdrawal.

  • 67% COMPLETION Students must complete 67% of their total credit hours attempted. Attempted hours will be verified at the end of each semester. Attempted hours include hours earned, hours transferred in from other schools, hours which are attempted at another institution which are not transferable, hours withdrawn, hours audited, repeated courses, failed courses and pass/fail credit courses. Coursework attempted during all semesters, including fall, spring, and summer will be evaluated cumulatively for the required 67% completion. If at any time a student drops below a 67% completion ratio they may be placed on financial aid probation or suspension. If the student is currently on financial aid probation, dropping a class will result in financial aid suspension.
  • 180 HOURS MAXIMUM OF STUDENT ELIGIBILITY may occur and you will not be permitted to receive any Federal or Institutional funds after 180 attempted hours.
  • REVISION OF FINANCIAL AID AWARDS may occur if processing of financial aid is not complete at the time of withdrawal. For example, your Pell award may be reduced if you drop from full-time (12 hours) to 3/4 time status (9 hours).
  • REFUNDS may occur because of your withdrawal. However, Federal regulations require funds to be returned to the financial aid account from which they came, before any refund goes to the student.
  • ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS require students to complete a minimum of 12 hours each semester and usually a 3.0 GPA for most programs.
  • PERFORMING AWARDS (such as football, theatre, band, etc.) require students to be enrolled in 12 hours in order to participate in the sport or activity.
  • LOAN ENROLLMENT STATUS CHANGE- If a student drops below 6 hours during the semester and has at anytime had federal loans they will be considered to be in a less than half-time status, therefore their grace period will begin immediately if applicable or if they have no remaining grace period they will be required to repay their loans immediately.

For further information concerning the consequences of a partial withdrawal, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Total Withdrawal Information

Total Withdrawal Form First Two Weeks | Total Withdrawal Form After Two Weeks

Total Withdrawal Procedures

  1. Any students totally withdrawing from the college before school starts can do so through their academic advisor or ACTS office.
  2. The day classes begin students totally withdrawing from the university must obtain a Total Withdrawal Form from the Financial Aid Office.
  3. If the student has any type of assistance, the staff member counsels the student concerning satisfactory academic progress requirements.
  4. If the student has a Perkins or a Direct loan they are given an exit interview.
  5. If the student has received any Title IV funds they are automatically placed on Financial Aid Suspension.
  6. The Department of Education is notified electronically if the student has a Direct loan
  7. University Accounting Services is notified electronically if the student has a Perkins.

For further information concerning the consequences of withdrawal or for more information regarding a total withdrawal, please contact the Financial Aid Office or email us.

Please note that these consequences do not apply to non-degree seeking students.