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Benefits of Honors

  • Honors Program students benefit from being part of the Honors community. While each Honors student strives to excel, they are not in competition with each other. Rather, students in each cohort have the opportunity to take several core classes together and develop a positive interdependence with each other. Many Honors Scholars choose to room together in campus housing.
  • Because MSSU recognizes the unique needs of Honors Scholars, our students have priority enrollment. This means that they may enroll in classes before the rest of the student body, giving them the opportunity to make a schedule of courses without the worry that the classes they need will be full before they have a chance to enroll. Students meet with their primary advisor at least once per semester to plan a schedule of classes for the following term. In addition, each Honors Scholar is advised by a member of the Honors faculty.
  • Honors Program Graduates receive special recognition at Commencement. The green Honors cords are recognized at commencement. Honors Program Graduates are noted as such on their official transcript and have a special seal affixed to their diploma.   Every Honors course which is completed with a final grade of A or B is identified as an Honors course on the transcript.   Students who complete the Honors curriculum, maintain a minimum GPA of 3.3, and meet participation and coursework requirements become Honors Program Graduates.

Honors Team Activity