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Resources for Parents

Our Family Handbook

You can review our Family Handbook.

This detailed resource will provide you all the information you will need to know for your child's academic experience with us.

It includes our daily schedules, objectives and activities, payment options, health and safety policies, nutritional information and more.

Family Handbook

Our Academy's Schedule 

Here is our comprehensive schedule for the 2023-2024 school year. 

We recommend printing this off and keeping it with your important documents.

Our schedule will keep you informed about our upcoming events, closures and academy tuition due dates. We put this resource out for your benefit, so you have plenty of time to make arrangements for special events or our closures/breaks.

What Children Learn When They Play 

You can thumb through this comprehensive guide outlining the type of psychological and developmental changes you can expect your child to experience while under our tutelage and guidance. 

We incorporate Creative Curriculum, a developmental philosophy designed to maximize each child’s growth in the following areas:

Cognitive Development

  1. Your child will begin to develop curiosity and intellectual abilities necessary for the enjoyment of lifelong learning.
  2. Your child will recognize/remember and connect experiences.
  3. Your child will demonstrate flexibility and inventiveness in thinking.

Communication Skills

  1. Your child will listen and express thoughts and needs with increasingly complex language.
  2. Your child will use conventional grammar.
  3. Your child will engage in conversations with peers and adults.

Physical Development

  1. Your child will begin to develop attitudes and skills that promote physical fitness and motor control.
  2. Your child will demonstrate gross-motor skills of crawling, walking, kicking and throwing.
  3. Your child will demonstrate fine-motor skills using drawing and writing instruments.

Social/Emotional Development

  1. Your child will develop a beginning understanding of “self” as both an individual and cultural identity.
  2. Your child will begin to acquire and develop language as a personal and social means to enhance communication and learning.
  3. Your child will interact and form positive relationships with peers.
  4. Your child will begin to develop social understandings necessary for interacting effectively with peers and adults in the environment.

Application For Waiting List

Upon approval of your application by the LCA Director, complete the enrollment packet. 

Approval of your application is based on classroom availability. 

Enrollment requires payment of the enrollment fee to the campus Bursar's Office and completion of our Enrollment Packet at least three days prior to the admittance of each child. 

Our Enrollment Packet includes the following: 

  • LCA Child Care Application 
  • LCA Child Profile 
  • Tuition Account Set-up Form 
  • Signed Enrollment Agreement Form 
  • LCA Student Information Sheet 
  • Medical Examination Report—must be completed by child’s physician and returned no later than 15 days after initial enrollment 
  • Copy of child’s immunizations due before child starts care 
  • LCA Emergency Authorization Form 
  • Child and Adult Care Food Program Enrollment Form 
  • Income Eligibility Form for the Food Program 
  • Parent’s Specialized Instructions for Toddlers Form (Only for children less than 24 months of age) 

Cash, personal checks, and money orders are accepted by our campus Bursar's Office. Credit Cards are only accepted through the app. 

It is your responsibility to maintain up-to-date information regarding your child. 

Failure to provide these items may result in your child’s enrollment being delayed or terminated. You will have opportunities to update your family information at the beginning of each semester.