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Environmental Health & Safety


Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health is the science of preventing physical, chemical or biological hazards from adversely impacting human health or the ecological balances that sustain our environment. Safety is the control of hazards to an acceptable level.

Since 1972, the mission of our program has been to provide students the knowledge, skills and credentials necessary to work as an environmental health and safety professional or to continue in environmental health and safety graduate studies.

We offer two bachelor’s degree options and 5 career enhancing certificates in EHS with online or in person options.


Our Faculty

MSSU Environmental Health and Safety faculty are highly qualified and have real world experience in the course content they teach. Our faculty maintain industry relevant certifications and credentials.


Why Earn An EHS Degree with Us?

Our graduates are in-demand and versatile. You earn industry recognized certificates and credentials as you complete your degree. Our degree can lead you to employment immediately upon graduation and often while you are still working on your degree. In addition to immediate job prospects, graduates have many options for placement in fully-funded graduate programs.

We work with you to make sure you accomplish your degree goals in a way that works with your life style.


Join a Growing Career Field

EHS career opportunities are in demand and the field is growing.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) (2022) indicates that:

  • Environmental Scientists & Specialists have a median annual pay of $76,480. Employment is projected to grow 6% from 2022-2032, faster than the average for all occupations.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Specialists have a median annual pay of $75,240. Employment is projected to grow 13% from 2022-2032, much faster than the average for all occupations.

Career opportunities include, but are not limited to, professional positions with public health departments, environmental protection agencies, environmental consultants and occupational health and safety divisions of industry.

Here are some possible job titles held by individuals with degrees in Environmental Health & Safety:

Environmental Health and Safety Specialist
Environmental Scientist
Air Pollution Specialist
Water Quality Specialist
Industrial Hygienist
Risk Manager
Emergency Manager
Occupational Safety Expert
Food Safety Expert
Emergency Management Specialist
Hazardous & Solid Waste Specialist
Drinking & Ground Water Specialist