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Multi-Media Minor

About the Minor

The minor in Multimedia is designed to allow you to gain the skills necessary for careers in a variety of occupations. Although you might have a firm grounding in another discipline, such as writing, music, theatre or another area in business, you may still need training to augment your primary skill to make your work more accessible and marketable. The Multimedia minor rounds out your degree and helps set you on the course to success.

What You Will Learn

  • The basics of Internet Marketing, an important skill in a world saturated by the  Internet.
  • An introduction to programming and the basics of two-dimensional design and an introduction to human communication.
  •  Expertise from other classes that can be substituted with the permission of your advisor.

This Minor is Great for You if:

  • You plan a career in advertising, the arts, network communication systems and business and media communication.
  • You want to obtain valuable skills in software, multimedia design, programming, communication, marketing and strategy development.
  • You need to develop strategies to market your talent or product.

Options/Courses of Study:

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    Multimedia Minor

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