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Marketing Emphasis

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Marketing

Marketing serves as the driving force for creating awareness, generating business, and increasing market share. Therefore, employers seek the best candidates with a degree in marketing to help achieve these critical responsibilities. MSSU’s accredited Marketing bachelor’s degree provides the education and work-based learning experience you need to land the career you want.

About the Marketing Emphasis

MSSU’s Marketing program provides a solid foundation of various business facets before taking
a deep dive into marketing principles and strategies. Depending on your interests, our Marketing program offers a variety of elective classes to help you understand marketing concepts and prepare you to thrive in a global workforce.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing:
Many organizations desire Marketing graduates with knowledge in website, email, social
media, and mobile marketing trends. Get hands-on experience working with our digital
marketing and social media courses. In addition, MSSU offers a multidisciplinary Digital
Marketing Communications certification with coursework in website design and video
content creation that will enhance your resume.

Professional Sales:
Many students who graduate with a degree in Marketing begin their careers in sales. To support
this career path, we provide a professional sales course that positions students for early career

Work-Based Learning Opportunities in Marketing

MSSU’s Marketing program provides students with work-based learning experiences as part
of our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree. Students will have
opportunities to help organizations create integrated marketing communications plans to
reach target markets and conduct market research to better understand customers’ needs.
These experiential learning opportunities provide students with a practical understanding of
how organizations gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Career Outlook in Marketing

MSSU’s Business degree in Marketing will help you develop the necessary skills to pursue job
opportunities upon graduation in these high-demand fields and others:

  • Brand management
  • Digital and social media marketing
  • Professional sales and sales management
  • Product management
  • Retail management
  • Marketing analytics

Some of the most sought-after Marketing-related occupations by income potential include:
  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Digital Media Campaign Manager
  • Advertising and Promotions Manager
  • Marketing Research Analyst

Marketing graduates are well-positioned to start their own businesses due to our program’s focus on understanding customer needs and designing products and services that to serve those needs. In addition, many Marketing graduates choose to stay at MSSU for graduate school to earn an MBA or MS in Data Analytics.

Program Flexibility

Although our accredited Marketing program offers in-person classes, we also offer all courses
online for students that need to balance many responsibilities. Whether in-person or online,
expect to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in your marketing career.

Current Catalog

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science - Business Administration - Marketing Emphasis

Make yourself more Marketable

Delve into specialty topics and increase your knowledge base by adding an interdisciplinary 
certificate to complement your marketing studies: 

Digital Marketing Certificate 

Integrated Marketing Communications & Public Relations Certificate 

International Business Minor 

Supply Chain Management Minor  

Marketing Program Learning Objectives

1. Describe the marketing mix (4Ps)
2. Describe the Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning (STP) model.
3. Demonstrate knowledge of the consumer decision-making process.
4. Demonstrate knowledge of the components of an integrated marketing communications
5. Demonstrate knowledge of marketing research techniques.