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International Business Emphasis

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration –International Business

The ability to adapt and thrive in diverse business environments is more crucial than ever before in today’s increasingly interdependent global economy. Studying international business provides students an opportunity to learn and think about the world of business on a global scale.

About the International Business Emphasis

At MSSU, students gain the knowledge and skills required for international business careers.
International business students develop an understanding of the political, regulatory, and cultural environments that shape international business and trade. Our program provides an
interdisciplinary approach where students learn marketing, management, and supply chain skills needed to succeed in managing multinational corporations or small-to-medium sized businesses that expand into international markets.

Experiential Learning Opportunities in International Business

International business students are required to complete a faculty-led, short-term study abroad
course to a foreign destination. Study abroad experiences provide students an opportunity to
visit and interact with the business community in the target country. Class meetings prior to the
trip and a term project are required. Alternative options to short-term study abroad travel are
available for international students.

Career Outlook in International Business

MSSU’s Business degree in Marketing will help you develop the necessary skills to pursue job
opportunities upon graduation in these high-demand fields and others:

  • Global Logistics Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • International Marketing Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • International HR Manager
  • Policy Analyst

Program Flexibility

Although our accredited Marketing program offers in-person classes, we also offer all courses
online for students that need to balance many responsibilities. Whether in-person or online,
expect to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in your marketing career.

Current Catalog

Bachelor of Science - Business Administration - International Business Emphasis

Make Yourself More Marketable

Delve into specialty topics and increase your knowledge base by adding an interdisciplinary
certificate to compliment your International Business studies:

Spanish Certificate in Language Competence
Global Citizenship Certificate
European Studies Certificate
Latin American Studies Certificate