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Entrepreneurship Degree

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a driving force in the global and local economy and an increasingly popular
career choice. If you have a passion for innovating and creating something new and unique, our
BS in Entrepreneurship provides the knowledge, skills, and experiences to convert those creative ideas into a viable business.

About the Entrepreneurship Major

MSSU’s Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship provides students with the entrepreneurial
spirit a platform to develop skills related to marketing, finance, product development, innovation,
and finance within an entrepreneurial context. Upon the successful completion of this major,
students will be exceptionally prepared to apply their knowledge in managerial roles within
rapidly growing, innovative firms, or to bring their unique concepts to market by launching new

Experiential Learning Opportunities in Entrepreneurship

Our program curriculum provides students with opportunities to work on projects with local
start-up enterprises and small businesses. These practical real-world experiences help
aspiring entrepreneurs to experience the decision-making processes that exist within an
entrepreneurial venture.

Career Outlook in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship students develop the skills to start a new business, work in a fast-growth small business, or in a large corporation. Some of the most sought-after job opportunities for
entrepreneurship graduates include:

  • Entrepreneur/Business Owner
  • Member of Startup Company Founding Team
  • Sales
  • Research and Development
  • Business Consultant

Program Flexibility

Although our accredited Marketing program offers in-person classes, we also offer all courses
online for students that need to balance many responsibilities. Whether in-person or online,
expect to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in your marketing career.

Current Catalog

Entrepreneurship Major, BS
Bachelor of Science - Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Program Learning Objectives

1. Identify opportunities for innovative solutions and business opportunities.
2. Examine how to perform a feasibility analysis for a new entrepreneurial opportunity.
3. Examine the lean startup methodology and how it is used to develop new products.
4. Explain key considerations in new venture business planning.
5. Demonstrate effective communication skills by presenting new venture ideas.