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Accounting Emphasis

About the Emphasis

Did you know that accounting is one of the best jobs in North America when it comes to salaries and quick career placement after graduation? If you are analytical and can communicate difficult information so it can be easily understood, you will make a great accountant.

What Can I Do With This Emphasis?

Your Future with Our Accounting Emphasis

As a graduate of Missouri Southern's accounting program, you'll harness your talent with numbers into a life-long career. Picture yourself in one of these positions:

  • Work for accounting firms helping others with audits, personal finances and taxes.
  • Use your skills for good by working in budgeting and record keeping for a business or organizations.
  • Pursue a career in corporate accounting in an array of industries such as sports, healthcare, manufacturing or retail.
  • Work for the government at the federal or state levels doing budget analysis, financial management and record keeping.

What You Will Learn

  • To demonstrate competence and skills in financial accounting, accounting information systems, federal income taxes, managerial and cost accounting, auditing and related business areas for entry level accountancy positions, graduate school and/or professional certification. 
  • To be familiar with the role of information technology in addressing business and accounting problems, and to be able to apply fundamental technical skills in business settings. 
  • To effectively communicate technical and qualitative information verbally and in written form, and to be able to process and evaluate information prepared by others.

This Emphasis is Great for You if:

  • You have an analytical mind. 
  • You can clearly communicate with other people.
  • You want to start your own accounting practice or work as an accountant for a company. 

Accounting Degree Planning Sheet

Options/Courses of Study

Current Catalog

Bachelor of Science

    Bachelor of Science - Business Administration - Accounting Emphasis


    Accounting Minor (BSBA Degree Candidates)

    Accounting Minor (Non-BSBA Degree Candidate)