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Below are some frequently asked questions that we often receive.


What networks are on the campus?

There are 3 wireless networks on Missouri Southern's campus. 

Southern - used on the campus side. Can be used by students and employees.

LionWiFi - used on the dorm side. Can be used by students living in the dorms.

the guest network - used on both the campus and dorm sides. Can be used by anyone visiting Missouri Southern.

Which network do I use?

If you are a guest, use the guest network. If you are a student or employee, use Southern for the campus and LionWiFi for the dorms.

How do I connect to the network?

Southern and LionWiFi

These networks will prompt you for your login credentials. Once you fill out that portion, you will then be connected to the network.


Connect your device to the guest network.

Open an internet browser and go to ""

Click "Please click here to connect to the network."

Click "Register" under the section "Register as a Guest"

You will then be prompted with the Computer Acceptable Usage Policy and a form.  Fill out the form and click "Complete Registration"

You will be prompted for a code. A code has been sent to the phone number that you put in the form. 

Put in the code, and you are connected to the network.

What are my login credentials?

Login credentials are used for Southern and LionWiFi.

Username: first part of your campus provided email

Student Example: DoeJ001
Faculty/Staff Example: Doe-J

Password: PIN

Why is my Android/Chromebook device not connecting?

Androids have a certain setting that you have to manually change.

Go to your devices' "Settings".

Select your WiFi Option (Southern).

Change the "PHASE 2 AUTH" to "MSCHAPV2".

Change the "CA Certificate" to "Do Not Validate".