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Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs


The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs promotes the development and effective delivery of quality educational programs that lead to a variety of associate and baccalaureate degrees, as well as selected jointly delivered graduate degrees. This office provides access to academic programs and assures the provision and coordination of resources and services in order to support effective learning and advance the development of the whole student. With this central commitment to student learning, the Academic Affairs Office encourages assessment as a core strategy to ensure quality while fostering a campus-wide teaching and learning environment that advocates the following distinctive themes:

  • Excellence in student success;
  • Outstanding international education programs;
  • Educational opportunities for diverse individuals and groups;

A core curriculum within all baccalaureate degrees that provides each graduate with a liberal arts based general education experience.

The Academic Affairs Office is responsible for the administration of all educational programs, which are organized within four academic schools:

Additionally, the following academic and student support units are part of the Academic Affairs Division: