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Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Mission Statement

Our Academic Affairs office promotes the development and delivery of quality educational programs, overseeing the successful structuring of our wide-ranging associate and baccalaureate degrees and jointly-delivered graduate degrees. 
We are responsible for making sure students always have access to quality programs. We do this by ensuring the necessary resources and services are readily available to support effective learning and advancement. 
We believe that assessment is a core strategy for ensuring quality. Coupled with our campus-wide commitment to student learning and focused teaching, we advocate for three distinctive themes:  

  1. Excellence in student success
  2. Outstanding international education programs
  3. Educational opportunities for diverse individuals and groups

View the faculty handbook here.

Academic Affairs Department Overview

We are responsible for overseeing the administration of all educational programs, organized into three academic colleges: 
Additionally, our department guides the following academic and student support units: 


A Promise to Students Like You

Ultimately, we are dedicated to our students' success! All of the decisions made within our department are backed by a conscious effort to ensure effective learning and personal growth in an educationally-focused, academically-supportive environment. 

Contact the Department

Temporary Relocation: Webster Hall 332