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College of Business, Communication and Technology

About the College of Business, Communication and Technology

The College of Business, Communication & Technology offers four divisions of expertise with more than 20 majors and 15 certificates aimed at in-demand careers. The CBCT has dedicated faculty who are excellent teachers and recognized professionally for their work. Our college values collaboration across divisions to provide knowledge and skills that prepare students to enter the workforce upon graduation. With a focus on work-based learning, the CBCT engages in collaborative relationships with industry through sponsored programs.


Future Leaders Start at MSSU

The College of Business, Communication & Technology combines key programs that prepare you for an ever-evolving world.  With a focus on your interests, we foster an environment in which you are encouraged to follow your passions and discover the best path for you.  Our programs encourage work-based learning, critical thinking and effective communication as foundational aspects to prepare you for in-demand careers.  As you learn how to harness these skills and grow, you will transform from a student to an experienced graduate destined for success.  The sky is the limit!


Value of Work-Based Learning

In the College of Business, Communication & Technology students gain practical experience through projects with community partners, where they apply classroom theories to real-world problems that need solving. This not only reinforces academic concepts, but also provides students with critical interpersonal skills such as communication, collaboration, and navigating open-ended situations. Additionally, having these experiential learning opportunities bolsters students' resumes and readiness for their future careers. The practical knowledge and soft skills gained from these community partnerships give students a valuable edge.




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Plaster School of Business

Help create digital marketing for brands, gain management and business skills, or become a leader in the finance world at MSSU's Plaster School of Business.


Communication Student


Learn to express yourself professionally with programs in mass communication, public relations and speech.

Communication Majors

Tech Students


Join the growing population of computer scientists and engineers with an abundance of diverse degree and certificate options that cover multiple specialties.

Technology Majors

Math teacher with students


Multiply your academic achievement with a mathematics career that might lead to roles in education, data science, information security and more.

Mathematics Majors


Join the Lion Pride

Are you looking for quality education, a friendly campus and low-cost tuition? With our lion pride tuition rates, we offer local tuition rates to 10 states outside Missouri for on-campus and online students. Ready to learn more? Apply today or schedule a tour! We can't wait to meet you. 

Contact the College

Dr. Elke Howe
Dean, College of Business, Communication and Technology
Office: Ummel 153
Phone: 417-625-9348